SEPHORA is pleased to announce…

the arrival of a new exclusive brand

with Givenchy makeup


The Givenchy makeup collection, among other three bestsellers are listed as follows: three ranges of lipsticks from the Le Rouge collection, the Volume Disturbia mascara and the Teint Couture City Balm foundation complete the Sephora range as of March 5th 2020.

These products, created by Nicolas Degennes (clic on his name to see his work), artistic director Makeup and Colors at Givenchy, rhyme beauty with singularity and are available at Sephora Geneva (Manor & Balexert), Basel, Lugano, Bern and Zürich ShopVille.

The incarnation of House codes, Le Rouge is an absolute icon and Givenchy’s beauty ambassador. The most Couture of the reds lips, both timeless and ultramodern, always different, always recognizable. In 2019, Le Rouge becomes plural; it decline itself for a better reinvention. Here it is unveiled in three different versions but also in a complementary three different interpretations inspired by the most precious: Le Rouge, Le Rouge Deep Velvet and Le Rouge Night Noir.

New formula, new setting … New variation of Rouge, Le Rouge
Deep Velvet comes in a suede case with a velvety feel
gives a hint on the makeup result: a vibrant color to the appearance
mat powdered. Its exceptional gliding texture melts on the lips – Price : CHF 49.00

….for deposit an intense shade from the first pass. Enriched with butter mango, it combines absolute comfort and extreme hold. Nude Beige, Pink Woody, Vibrant Fuchsia, Sand Orange, Grained Red, Velvet Violet … The Rouge Deep Velvet exists in six shades, each one richer than the other.

Ultra pigmented and deliciously mat. Rouge Night Noir dresses lips with a deep color tinged with black veil with high-gloss glitter effect. It is revealed in six precious shades imbued with mystery.

Le Rouge Givenchy -Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy – Le Rouge Givenchy 

Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand – Givenchy brand –

This is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE -This is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE -This is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE -This is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE -This is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE -vThis is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE -This is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE -This is LE ROUGE This is COUTURE 

Six colors to radically Couture sophistication: Night in Light, Night in Red, Night in Gold, Night in Blue, Night in Plum, Night in Gray.

Maison Givenchy has always rhyme beauty with singularity, even if it means destabilizing. This absolute freedom is embodied by Volume Disturbia mascara. Price : CHF 39.00

This nonconformist mascara gives the eyelashes an incredible curve and an insane volume, infinitely modular, up to excess. Resolutely outside the norms, Volume Disturbia was created by Nicolas Degennes, artistic director of Makeup and Colors, to sublimate all beauties, all genres, all styles.

This nonconformist mascara gives the eyelashes an incredible curve and an insane volume, infinitely modular, up to excess. Enriched with vitamin E with protective properties, the mascara can be applied and then re-applied without forming packages. The base of the formula is maximized by a unique brush, a Givenchy exclusivity: a hollow cylindrical silicone applicator with micropicots, which retains the right dose of material and deposits uniformly, with precision, from the root to tip. Intensely pigmented, it comes in two shades: deep black and incendiary red.

Givenchy presents a new complexion of perfection for the urban lifestyle. An all-in-one formula capable of enhancing the skin while perserving the pollution and even blue light from screens. Its name ? Complexion Couture City Balm. Givenchy’s Couture sensorality is combined with assets ready to meet the challenges of the city.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The formula allows the skin to be radiant, hydrated and flawless while exercising an essential protection. This is the ally that all city dwellers have been waiting for.

Once applied, Teint Couture City Balm reveals a radiant complexion, with a bare skin feeling and absolute comfort. A licorice extract with an active signature of the Teint Couture line, helps to perfect the quality of the skin, while the hyaluronic acid helps guarantee 24 hours of hydration.
Multiplied natural radiance. Teint Couture City Balm fits perfectly with skin tone.

First, because its light coverage enhances the complexion transparency. Second, because Givenchy has completely reinvented its color classification. Composed by Nicolas Degennes, the 14 shades of Teint Couture City Balm take into account no only the variety of skin colors, but also their undertones.

SEPHORA: SEPHORA brings together the most passionate beauty community in the world,
offering a unique beauty experience for its customers and innovative beauty brands,
encouraging them to be bold in their creativity and self-expression. From its beginnings almost 50 years ago, SEPHORA has been a world pioneer in beauty of innovative prestige, encouraging its customers to explore a world of beauty and well-being, everything by growing its beauty community.

With an impartial and experiential approach, SEPHORA invites its customers to try among more than 15,000 products from 250 brands, taking advantage of personalized services with beauty hubs in particular, and thanks to digital innovations, the SEPHORA beauty experience is available anytime, anywhere thanks to its presence online and on all types of devices via mobile apps. Owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading group of luxury, excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship of SEPHORA make it a pioneer omnicanal beauty in 35 countries.






Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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What to do at home Part I

Throughout self isolation time what to do at home


Hello you guys am coming back to you with a different & unexpected topic time. The corona virus has spread world wide to a quick speed, no one would have expect it. We are to the point where social distancing is essential + mustNot only that but being more focused on hygiene – washing hands. And getting enough supplies for you and/or your family. 

I’ve been shook to see on social media all the people going all full on toilet paper but on the other hand, do some others think about the elders and family who are in need? For sure you would need supplies. Talking to my dad, he accentuate the fact of getting the basics first, like, flour, pasta, rice, toilet papers as a backup but we must also be fair towards the ones in urgent needs. In overall stack up you home, be moderate and be safe.

Being an introvert myself more lately and getting my new place is not much of a difference as I can be a hermit sometimes – so getting myself occupied in times like those, is easy. Sure am not gonna lie that stepping out the house is definitely a need for all us – our brains. The balance is definitely needed. So in the meantime here is a bunch of things you could at home:

  • *Read books*
  • *Try new recipes*
  • *Blog*
  • *Home workout*
  • *Watch movies / series
  • *Work on a new project*
  • *Learn new languages*
  • *Facetime friends & fam*
  • *Share you passion through insta live*
  • *Do things you have been putting aside*
  • *Gardening » 
  • *Pamper yourself / masks*
  • *House cleaning / spring cleaning (yes it’s spring!)
  • *Listen to podcasts*
  • *Cultivate yourselves via books or online*

And the list goes on. As mentioned earlier for me living on my own, is something quite new so it’s just the beginning and it is also a refresh button as i have more space. Now I think it’s enough about this subject. I am sharing here below some of my go to food from home (sugary, breakfast) but as of next week you will see more of my new try outs recipes / usual cookings. Need to refill my stock this week. I’ll try to add some fashion mix into my next blogpost. Hope you are all well and feel free to share your experience of your incubation time. On that note you guys have a good Sunday.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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New year – new month – new mindset

february a month full of changes


Hello dear World, I am coming back to you guys with a brand new, short article. Basically it resume my last month and the current one: February 2020.

January has been a productive period but a lot of underground side projects & personal stuff working. That aside I have been very busy with work and speaking openly about it, I have also been anxious lately. I tend to overthink and want to do things well, perfectly and when this standard is not being met and I have a lot to do, therefore I put more stress on myself.

Regardless of that situation I have good news (well for me lol) but can’t say it yet until « D Day », until I come through with it. But you guys will probably know about it within the next week, so stay tuned!!!!

On that note I will leave you with a quote here below that quite resume my current state of mind & sending you my smile throughout that photograph.

So goodnight & sweet dreams. PS: Just saw a video interview of Dj Snake on Konbini (youtube chanel) today. For those who understand French, you will be inspired by his story and his dedication to his passion. And that’s exactly what I needed to hear today!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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Daimondi x Pr-Ticular’s last event

A successful event


Hello beautiful people, first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you readers a good entering of the year 2020 with full force, success and especially health & happiness! Don’t know if you guys have any kind of resolutions? If so feel free to share them in the comment section, down the page. As for me I want to find my old self (a bit odd when it comes to resolutions = evolution). But what I meant by saying « being my old self » again, it’s in the sense of spontaneity, meaning following my heart and gut and be more enterprising and just doing more things that I haven’t tried yet.

For this new year I have decided to learn how to vlog and do video editing – something new for me as I am more into photography. So we will see how that turns out. Stay tuned!

On to the main subject. This event I have attended on November 28th 2019, was a full success and in that process I discovered a brand. A new high end jewelries under the name of DAIMONDI (click on the name of the brand to access their website).


Successfully organized in collaboration with PR/TICULAR (Click on the name to access their website).

What was on their program:

– Ruinart Champaign / Pop corn & cotton candy

– Daimondi beautiful jewelries disposition in glass boxes for viewings

– A great crowd 

-An invitation from Pr/Ticular to different high end stores such as : Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Daimondi, many more!

– A warming welcome from the staff

– Viewing other’s brand’s clothing collection (listed above)

For this particular showing, we were surrounded by this fairytale, magical atmosphere at Daimondi. The name of the theme was: “Le réenchantement de la rue du Rhône” . It was also a way to celebrate the end of the year 2019.

They have private viewings and interesting events to attend. Not to forget that you can customize your pieces at their store! They have a precise details when it comes to shape and creativity but also magnificent gold, silver, rose gold & more outstanding designs for you to discover / buy, wether it’s rings, bracelets & necklaces.

You can find their store at – Boutique Daimondi, Rue Pierre-Fation 5, 1204 Geneva. Enjoy my photographs below!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire















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Neon Lights Only

Neon here, neon there, neon everywhere


Hello to you my dear readers. Hope your have achieved a good productive week, as a new month has begun! November is one of the most memorable months as it is my little brother’s birthday (not so little anymore) around that time. But it is also a reminder that we are coming to an end of the year 2019. A time to dive into your old memories. Time to buck the year off with new work objectives and so on…

These last 2 months or so, after this last summer, I have definitely taken some more time for myself and boy let me tell you how good it feels! Just taking a step back and thinking where I want to go, what are my next goals, my next upcoming trips, plans, etc… But also being in my 30’s pushes me to analyze a bit more about my wants & my needs.

Being always surrounded, does not give you time to do all of that. Having a large network of friends you get often time consumed by having interactive conversations, going out, heading to events, busy with work or school. At that moment, your brain always stays busy and by the time you get home, you’re so exhausted that you « shut down » and so the next day come and it kind of repeat itself. 

And to be honest, I have my periods where I am living my life with such a speed & high intensity of level, that my body gets so exhausted and so I tend to forget about MYSELF. In conclusion that’s the stage I’m currently at. My body started to flake on me, telling me to stop and my mind not following, with a decrease of daily concentration.

Now my weekends are ll about my healthy lifestyle, I can tell you that I feel much better. Not only that, but also the fact that I am doing a social cleaning, home cleaning, in result I feel much lightweight 🙂

I still hang out with some of my close friends and stay in touch with those who are far away. Read books, watch Netflix as usual, go to the movie theaters and go to the gym. The photos that I took here below,  showcase a little of the Geneva nightlife side with their Neon lights as I LOVE NEON.

Wish you guys a good weekend ahead! Much love world.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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