Oh Disney!

Well I have started the new year literally January 1st 2017 in Paris, precisely in Disney!

My boyfriend and I decided to go there last minute. This place is a great time to celebrate that kind of event, with all the fireworks, childhood music and much more. How more magical can it be?!  I can definitely say I started the year well.

 But let’s not forget that it can also be eye candy for disney fashion trend, it gives you idea in terms of dressing. Long story short. I have always wanted to go there as a kid but it had to be much later for me to go there. The waiting process made it even more worth it.

One of my dreams fulfilled. What’s next ?



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Me, Myself & I



Hello World,

I have come to a conclusion after hardly working on a blog, to upgrade

my work to a website instead. Which is called La Visionnaire. Some of you would wonder why right? Well here is a little story of my journey. As a kid, I’ve always been into photography because I am somehow attached to the past and always have a vision of my upcoming work, dreams and goals and the best way to do it is throughout photography.

As a Visionnaire, I always have an idea of what I want to project through my images.

So as for my fashion blog, my intention is to show my work and show my creative side to you guys. Enjoy reading it. This is my intro from me to you. But prepared for all the upcoming posts…



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