Juliette et Chocolat


To the Juliette et Chocolat‘s heavenly taste. I recommend to anyone who is on vacation or for a simple visit, to give a chance to yourself in order eat those delicious desserts. I guarantee you, you will water mouth. Menu goes throughout a wide variety of choices. Here are some examples from my pictures going from crêpes to brownies and many more such as:


  • Assorted chocolate
  • Chocolate bars
  • Chocolate fondue
  • Various hot chocolate (some with alcohol input)
  • Much more…

Well enough with the explaining, more with the discovering you guys!

On that positive note. Happy Friday to everyone. TGIF


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It’s Lit!

I was shopping around downtown, I stopped at Ardene . And found this cute makeup rose gold bag. And told myself  »wait a second, I do have something else in rose gold too. »

Those pairs of headphones, as what we call  »Frends ». They are more about 200$. Great sound effect. I’ve been telling my boyfriend back and forth that I wanted them and when christmas came he offered them to me. On me non stop!

On that note. Stay true to yourselves!


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Pancakes Please!


Since I am on vacation, I decided to cook / bake more. And yes my cookings will be part of this blog! So as I was saying I decided to make pancakes, easy and quick for early morning breakfast. You can go ahead with banana based and blueberries toping or plain dark chocolate chips.

I went straight ahead with the second delicious option. Nothing better to fill my stomach up with some good sweet flavors to start the day. So what would be your option for your own breakfast?!


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When B & T meet up in London

IMG_2651IMG_1235-2 IMG_2656 IMG_2660 IMG_2886 IMG_0993


Coco B and Coco T as we name ourselves all the time. B is definitely one of my best friend. We met throughout college and we became most likely instant friends since then.

It has been more like 6 years. We have been travelling in some places together. New York, Japan, China, Toronto and Switzerland of course.

So last year we decided to travel to London for my birthday. In England the first day of may (which fell on my birthday last year the 4th), which marks the end of winter and the beginning of a beautiful summer and represent the May bank holiday. So it was definitely a great timing for us to go there. This year will be on the 2nd. So randomly  I was lucky when I decided to go there.

Well beside this history date, here are some photos of us there. The first one was more as a random building in London, Westminster. Just like the colors used in this architecture. The second one is one of the most popular cemetery where well known people were buried. It’s the Highgate Cemetery . The third represent Coco B holding his camera. Now comes the fourth one, I have no clue where it is to be honest, but had to take this one. The fifth in some neighbourghood (just obsessed with the black & white) And last but not least Mr. B and myself, just making simple memories.

So this is about it. And little a bit more about myself and my world.


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Oxford shoes a la mode.


Oxford shoes is on the menu today. Originated in Scotland and Ireland, those shoes never end to amaze me. The best part of it, is that men and women can wear it no problem. Named also Balmoral castle then Oxford after the Oxford University, they often compared to loafers as well. As spring is around the corner these are the perfect shoes to wear with boyfriend or skinny jeans and a good shirt and on top a nice blazer to chic up the look. Better roll your pants to accentuate the look of the shoes.

Recently bought a being pair and I am totally loving it. You not only feel a little bit taller but also a pinch of slim allure, those accessories extend your silhouette.




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