Tasty – Toronto

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Hello World (yes I did put a capital  »W » for world, as you guys are important to me as my readers). I had two good crazy weeks, visiting family friends, friends, longtime co-workers, etc. I had a blast these last few weeks. I spent more time on social interactions than taking photos (for so many reasons, I can’t explain now, long story).

But to sum up my story I had a good time in Toronto. I previously stepped foot there twice and let me tell you this: the city always makes me feel welcome due to people being open minded, free spirit and polite. Had a great time with one of my good friend Joey who I’ve met when I was working in Zara 5 years ago. Visiting the CN tour with the floor glass, to go see a jazz band live in an aquarium with a glass of wine in my hand. I mean what more can you ask for ?! More activities were done last week while I was there.

In overall I had a complete blast! (Sorry some photos were blurry will work on that for sure). You guys have a good week.


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Parka jacket

I love parka jackets. I am fully aware that it is a hot summer but who knows about the upcoming rainy days in this town of Montreal. This one was purchased at Forever 21, as I checked they don’t have it in store nor online but here are similar jackets (clink on the link jackets) to this one that I could find with the same retailer. Adding on to that, the grey light sweatshirt is from Zara (Zara website link).



Thanks for reading this post. Good evening world.


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La Saint-Jean Baptiste





Hello folks, it has been a long while since my last post. I would need to catch up with you guys. I haven’t explained myself a lot for this blog. It is mainly to post pictures of my outfits, lifestyle & travels. Didn’t miss any occasion to go shopping in Montreal, but for now the main focus, while I am visiting my friends and family, is to show you who are the people I surround myself with. As we go further the days, the post would be more related to me.

Coming on to the next subject, these photos relate the events of one Canada’s celebration, which is the Saint-Jean Baptiste, the national day of Quebec on the 24th of June (music, dance & performance. Went with my cousin and some other people and those people on those photos (the girl is my best friend).

Summer is still going on and I am looking forward to enjoy those vacation as much as I can. Montreal summer vibe has a lot to offer in terms of music, festival, arts & more…


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New Camera


Hello world, as I left my old camera here in Montreal ( and need to get it back A.S.A.P), I decided to invest in a new one as well a new lense.  Got lots to learn but will work my way up.


1st photoshoot with my cousin who kindly let me use her as a model, which turned out good!


These are mainly tests shots. So I am putting my vision into practice but also my blog, with whom  I’m working with some people who have developped this website (thanks to them).

On that note, new month, July, new plans for the summer and photoshoots of course!

Happy Sunday!


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