Dearest Parfume(s)

Hello world, today’s subject is all about parfume, which is pretty uncommon for me since I am more into accessories or clothes. But as I was cleaning my room, I realized that there were quite a few on my shelf. Well fragrances were more my mom’s department, all she would ask for was parfume for her birthday, christmas or even on no occasion haha. It was definitely her favorite. Maybe I am becoming her without knowing… Well let’s get directly into my small collection. 

First of with the ZARA collection


  • Identity Name: Joyful Tubercose
  • Ingredients: sandal wood-lemon orange-apple-cedar-gardenia-black currant-grapefruit-musk-sandalwood
  • By: Sonia Constant
  • Launched: 2016
  • Smells like: sour-ish fruits mixed with wood/vanilla
  • My rate: good


  • Identity Name: Dark Emerald
  • Ingredients: rose-almond-pear-vanilla-jasmine-musk
  • Launched: 2016
  • Smells like: sweet vanilla and musky smell
  • My rate: good


  • Identity Name: Black Amber
  • Ingredients: mandarin orange-passion fruit-tiare flower-musk-vanilla
  • Launched: 2016
  • Smells like: sweet and tropical
  • My rate: great (one of my favorite)


  • Identity Name: Zara Woman Gold
  • Ingredients: caramel-strawberry-vanilla-musk
  • Launched: 2016
  • Smells like: caramel mix with sweet fruits
  • My rate: great (one of my favorite as well)

0B1C78B9-8DB4-4DFB-8796-3A5022B17D4B (1)983880EE-C6EB-4251-828A-D561ACB932CE (1)A0C200E2-7417-4A99-AE43-2662F54A7DA5

  • Identity Name: Zara Orchid
  • Ingredients: bergamot (green citrus)-rose &black currant-lilly-of-the-valley – peach and orchid-cedar-musk-amber
  • Launched: 2017 (from the new leather collection)
  • Smells like: floral and woody
  • My rate: great (wear it on a daily basis)


  • Identity Name: Zara Zen Garden
  • Ingredients: ivy-solar-iris-tuberose-magnolia-patchouli (earthy & sweet)-sandalwood and musk
  • Launched: 2017 (from the leather collection)
  • Smells like: floral, green, woody
  • My rate: good


Second with the other perfume from the store Pink


The picture is self explanatory bought at the store Pink and has that woody sweet smell. Great for a night out but also dedicated to young women.

And third big brands like…

2CC8B616-7683-4624-B185-E8316D3C573FC6CA46D0-B21A-46DB-953A-4A15BAB02DC5 (1)F465CA09-7137-46FA-831D-E9453FE00FBF94F69649-8BA6-4B9A-8C1E-DCE71868FFF3 (1)

  • Identity Name: Sì by Giorgio Armani
  • Ingredients: freesia-cassis-patchouli-may rose-ambroxane-woody-vanilla
  • Launched: 2013
  • Behind it: Cate Blanchett (according to: Women’s Wear Daily)
  • Smells like: woody, soft spicy
  • My rate: good

A79B80A1-51AD-4F50-90D2-A8AC30D63D88 (1)D91091BA-0012-4D71-B429-7CFBC21B29AA35B1FFE6-12E5-4F93-8381-F3C8E0D18E10 (1)

  • Identity Name: Pure Poison by Christian Dior
  • Ingredients: bergamot-jasmine-white flowers-sandalwood-amber-orange blossom
  • Launched: 2004
  • By: Carlos Benaim, Dominique Ropion & Olivier Polge
  • Smells like: white floral, citrus, balsamic
  • My rate: excellent (offered to me by someone special for my birthday)

Also to mention that the Zara perfumes were launched from the year 1999 to 2017, so in overall 273 fragrances according to the source of: Also to mention these are photos taken from me. The Zara perfumes were from a price range of more about 12$ to 25$ max when I purchased them, which are very affordable and long lasting as for the high end brands, more or less starting from 60$ and above. Feel free to check on the brands website for updated fall collection or directly in store in order to access those fresh smells.

Gotta get some beauty sleep before Paris. Goodnight world and don’t forget to smile… T.

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Bangles (not the rock group) & cosmetics


Hello! Today’s theme is all about cosmetics and bangles (or should I say vice versa according to my pictures’ display). So let me just start with those affordable and amazing pieces. Let me tell you I haven’t been to Aldo Accessories in a while and during my stay in Canada I went for a little  »bling bling » shopping look. I bought those five golden bracelets which were 10$ each at the time but now I just found online they are: 3.99$ each!

Here is the link (click on the name Aldo): ALDO

I took one of each which are: Equality – Girl power – Unity. These are strong words that means a lot to me, because every young girls and women out there  should absolutely feel it. This a kind of a little reminder. I originally purchased them thinking they look like the Cartier bracelets only cheaper but more meaningful to me in my opinion. I am more a silver kind of girl but lately I have been more into the gold and most of all the rose gold range.

As for the last picture, it is more about a concealer also to hide the dark circles (under your eyes). It’s from the Smashbox line which I adore, got other products from it, that will be posted soon on this blog.

Thanks for reading and as always don’t forget to smile.. T.

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Miami Part I

IMG_9055 (1)IMG_9432IMG_9434IMG_9431726E0F7D-9FB1-4D5F-B2EF-FBFA657DCCC1

Miami part I, why? Oh boy, simply because I have taken way too many photos. Since that  » Miami Vice » tv series (1984), I’ve been longing to go there. Dream came true, also it was my first US destination this summer. Let me tell you this: there was ABSOLUTELY not a single disappointment at all from the stay at  »Beds ‘N Drinks , The hot weather was at the rendez-vous and the night outs were on a next level.

This place has been so far one of my best trip, people are so open and kind and free spirit. I would advise to go there for 4 days or. I extended my trip for three extra days. The hostel itself had a direct bar at the entrance before even the reception, how crazy is that? The staff is amazing, they have various activities during the week for the people staying there, enough space in the rooms and I guarantee you, you will definitely meet people during your stay there. It was my first experience going there on my own (then my cousin joined me for a little while and loved it too) and was worried at first but it turned out good. I’ve always travelled with someone or if not I knew somebody to the place I was going to. So this was new to me, to go somewhere I’ve never been and where I knew nobody.

Met great people along the way and we became a big crew. We decided to all stay in touch. Miami has a lot to offer, it has variety in terms of culture where a lot of inhabitants speak Spanish (which is pretty common in Miami), also their venues is filled with tons of cafés, restaurants, clubs and bars because it’s the heart of partying! I have so much more to say but will keep it for part II ? On that note, you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading as always and don’t forget to smile.. always. T

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Hello everyone ! First I hope you are all having a great Sunday so far (might be a bit late my time, 1 a.m European time so now Monday for me). On that note, I’ve decided to post more of photos of me recently because this is what the blog is mainly about, to showcase my own style. Throughout all these years, I’ve always shown my friends throughout my photographs but having my own story to tell as well, I decided this year to focus more on me, myself and I.

The more you grow up, the better you know where your focus stand. Enough with the  »bla bla bla ». These photos were taken by my cousin back in Montreal, in her apartment. I told her:  » Hey! before I go to this US tour trip, I would like have some portraits taken, before I go explore the world » and she responded:  »Sure why not!  » . I must admit being behind the camera at all times, I for sure did have fun that day being in front of it. They turned out pretty good hahah (self love).

As this fall is coming up, my creative mind is going more crazy than usual. Brainstorming is all I do right now. Working on several projects between now and next summer and most of all before I reach my 30th birthday next spring (yeah 30…) is my goal. Anyway no more writing, time to head to bed, because as artists we are definitely late birds.

Beige cap: H&M , Striped t-shirt: Forever21, black ripped jeans : Forever21, Ripped denim oversized jacket: Forever21 and leather jacket: Tally Weijl

Thanks for reading as always and don’t forget to smile.. always.


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My favorite circa photos 2011-12


These are one of my proudest pictures taken as well. When I have a vision I have to put into action, like most photographers out there. Some people would rather take photos of architecture, animals, places, kids and so on…

My preference has always been people. Not only I feel their emotions face to face, but also throughout my own photographs. Fashion as well is what I love, so the fact that I can combined both is just magical.

The first one, is a longtime friend back in Toronto at her house as she was getting ready, had this vision to make it more retro 30’s. And it has been my favorite ever since. Always called her  »the doll »  because to me she looks like one.

The second picture is a friend of a friend, who is actually a dancer and we went to this abandoned underground place. Very street and a lot of graffitis. So I decided to have dressed a classic ballerina to bring up the contrast between her and the surroundings. The result was outstanding and original for me

Photography means the world to me when it comes to behind the camera but back from vacation, this time I am looking to be in front, to show you my own style!

Good week everyone.


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