Paris Streets… (Part II)







Good afternoon world, as promised am delivering you more pictures from my Paris trip. I certainly enjoyed this place and as you may have noticed, I love photographing architecture and monuments, which makes every city unique, its history and culture makes them distinguished. Paris caught my heart. I mainly stayed around the Pyramid du Louvre (where most tourists head), but also the construction of this pyramid made in glass, makes it special.

In order starting from the third picture, I took it because it had my brother’s nickname in it: Mika. Then comes the fourth picture of a golden monument of Jeanne d’Arc on a horse, sculpted by Emmanuel Fremier in 1874, situated at Place des Pyramides in the neighborhood of Palais Royal (1st district of France). Followed by the fifth picture of me and friend Vanessa eating on at this place called: Café du Mogador, where they have excellent wine (Chardonnay), meat, bread and cheese. I fully recommend to go there. And to finish the list, the last picture near Le Louvre sitting area. The purse is from Aldo (click on Aldo to see online store), my white converse are from an independent store bought in New York (can be bought anywhere), the sunglasses are from Bershka (click on the yellow name) and finally the ripped jeans at Forever21 Los Angeles (click on the Forever21 to see online store). 

All that to sum up and will post up soon the last article from this trip regarding the fashion show I went to. In the meantime don’t forget to smile and make something of today.

Your dearest T.

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Paris Streets … (Part I)





IMG_1499IMG_1498IMG_1528IMG_1530 (1)IMG_1535IMG_1539IMG_1538IMG_1525

Oh dear Paris, I haven’t seen you since last January for new year’s eve. This city was calling me back. And there was this opportunity to go back for the Paris fashion week. So I went. I also one of my close friend from Switzerland, so we can go  »go crazy fashion together », you know what that include also.. Shopping, although I am proud to say I’ve only purchased a trendy bag pack from Topshop (click on the name to check website).

Enough with the shopping section moving on to the next subject. As I arrived in Paris on a beautiful Tuesday at a friend’s place who happened to live right in the heart of the city of Paris. So the next day, I jumped right in and walked around to see the most touristic and popular architectures and buildings. That include : La Pyramide du Louvre , le Jardin des Tuileries, l’Arc de Triomphe, la Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), les Champs-Elysées, la place de la Bastille, la Place de la Concorde and Place Vendôme. The pictures will definitely figure on my next post. Paris has so much more to offer.

I want to go back for the next fashion week. It is a vibrant cultural city where people have elegance and the chic looks. Those pictures are mainly taken at the café, where my friend and I went called: Le Café Mogador (click on the name to check their website). Their wine and entrée but also dessert was delicious, it’s totally worth the try. On that note, I am keeping the rest of my story for the next post.

Monday has passed, stay productive and have a good week.


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