Oh my roses!




Good day for some of you in the world and good evening for the others. Winter is almost over here in Switzerland and big coats can be put away soon. But let me tell you this.. I’ve never had THAT MUCH  of coats in a year. I guess they’ve been my new obsession last year 2017. I bought furry (non animal coats), checkered black and white prints, long version of bomber jackets and so on…For me they definitely complete the look during fall/winter.

They give you a special punch to it. And let’s not forget, you can find any size, with or without pockets, short/long,  with zips or buttons or even both, any colors and so on… There’s definitely a wide selection in this department. I mostly buy my coats at Zara for more of a fancy look and Pull & Bear for a streetwear look. That pretty much sums up the coats check department!










Wishing you all the greatest night. PSssst: January has gone by fast right?!


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Yellow Fever






Hello People, here is another look book for this winter but looks like for fall.


Some are head to toe shots some are just portraits taken by my friend Vanessa. Thanks to her I have someone as helper. More photos down there and wishing you all a good Sunday!

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Your dearest Tyah.




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What will it be 2018?

image_6483441 (1)

Hello world!

I hope the new year has been treating you well and you’ve been able to rest before going back to reality. As for me so much has happened last year 2017 but also these last few days.. And it’s only the beginning of the year 2018. I am pretty hyped about this. Now I have been doing a lot, I mean.. A LOT of thinking these last couple of weeks. As I am approaching the next millenium soon, I tried to sort out more of my my priorities. And this came in mind:

As you most of you know, I LOVE travelling, I mean you can tell through my journey I am sharing through social media and my tellings. My first trip, I was 5 months old and have been doing so until now. But approaching your thirties you want kids, to get married , etc. I mainly want to focus on getting the career of my dreams : Fashion communications. Blogging is a big part of me; not only I can express myself better throughout writing and photographs. And blogging was the answer to it, the perfect fit for me. Long story short, it’s about time for me to save up for a good investissement on a long run in different important areas in my life. Travelling will always be on the plan but within Europe for now.

Wanted to share some current thoughts for this month and hope you are living the life that you want to live. YOLO (You only live once). Song of the day (romantic), by SAM COOKE – ONE MORE TIMEELLA FITZGERALD -I’VE GOT MY LOVE TO KEEP ME WARM

– Your dearest T.

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New Year 2018

image_123986672image_123986672 (1)

It’s the new year 2018! Last year 2017 has been good to me, full of experiences, adventures, travels, meet ups, and more… (I do apologize for the kind of blurry photographs to see it clearer check the website on your smartphones). Will work on it. This a fresh start for a lot of us. Time to think about what we want to bring to the table , job wise, relationship wise, activity wise and more. Got so much more ideas for my blog, in terms of styling, travels, collaboration, etc.

Got more to post in the upcoming days. The first photo, the checkered red and black jacket is from the store Zebra, as for the grey blazer it was on sale from H&M Swiss stores. Plus if you have the H&M app you can save a little bit more. And finally my favorite fedora hat from Forever21 You guys be good and productive!

Your dearest T.

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