Ingredients to be a fashion blogger



Hello World! I am finally coming with this article which I have previously referred to, in my last article, May 21st. I mentioned that more photos will be up. But what I didn’t mentioned about, was the article’s subject I was going to talk about.. And as you can see from this title, this will be directed towards fashion (as always). I’ve recently read from a book that the fashion industry’s niche has gone up to 18M as one of the most discussed subject on Instagram for example (source: Socialbakers). A huge number that fills up our social feeds to a big speed (depending on who you’re following on those social platform based on the algorithm).

With that being said, a lot of questions are being asked around the topic of current fashion bloggers. How to start? How to promote it? How to network? And much more questions. Let’s say that for now, I won’t be able to cover the whole subject, otherwise it may take two whole pages. I will cut it short and sweet for now and may do another article on it!

The photographs down the page will be more or less representative of what I am trying to explain (that’s definitely the beauty of photography).

How do you want to start? What do you want to write about today? And so on for your next article. These are very important questions to ask yourself, because not only these questions will be your foundation once you’ve done your brainstorming but also it will become a habit. A method that will be good and easy to use the next time you do so!

What I mean by the « Whisperer »? It means that once you got your plan set in your mind and you are ready to write all your ideas and researches down, then do not tell people around what you are willing to write about. You can give what we call a « sneak peak », just like a movie trailer. To give that spark to your readers who would be curious regarding your next post. You don’t want to spoil your next topic!


Once you have moved forward from the two previous steps, you definitely are ready to execute your article by polishing your writing style & the selection of your pictures. You are then good to go, you can now publish on your blog. Make sure to categorize your posts. See if it is related to fashion, media, food.. (it’s all the in the settings section). This will maximise as well the search engine for your blog to be found easily on google = SEO (Search engine optimization).

« The Promoter », is the final step. That means your input includes marketing tools = social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter mainly). SO many people are connected online on a daily basis that you can now reach so many readers out there. So if you are willing and committed to your passion then the hard work comes along with it. There you have some ingredients to turn out as a good fashion blogger!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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Sunday it is



Hello world! Today I am not going with a long paragraph post. Sunday = Chill. Those photos were taken by my good friend Vanessa. Where? In the beautiful city of Lausanne, Place de la Riponne. With the current world cup, so many people were there and cheering for the Spain team against … I don’t remember who. I haven’t been following that much this year, even though I grew up watching it with my dad and my brother !

Mainly of my clothes and accessories that I am wearing are from BERSHKAH&M on this pictures. 

From these pictures it got me thinking that, I should visit more Switzerland. As I have been traveling a lot around the world. You always tend to travel outside of your home country, that applies to a lot of us, if we’re honest. Switzerland has beautiful access to the lake and mountains. It has a lot to offer to tourists but also to us residents. With that being said. You guys enjoy your beautiful Sunday, wherever you guys are as I am enjoying mine as well.


  • Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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New Restaurant Discovery



So with one of my best friend we decided to hang out again after a while. Long story short we have known each other since high school. Weren’t really friends back then but then after years went by, we discovered we had so much in common. Now to the main subject. We decided to discover new bars / restaurants mainly in the the city of Lausanne & Geneva. It’s a good way to discover local areas of our home town. We then decided to go to our then first destination : Le Pointu (you can click on the name of the restaurant). The food was delicious & fresh and I totally recommend it for you food lovers out there and organic foodies!

La Tomatella & La Tartarecito

La Tartarecito  |  CHF 21.-

Beef Roast Heart Tartar (140g) flavored with lime olive oil, creamy Chipotle (smoked sweet pepper), tomato condiment, red onions, chives and tortilla chips


The Tomatella | CHF 19.50-

San Marzano tomatoes roasted with Bear’s Garlic, Stracciatella (heart of Burrata) from Vaud, homemade almond pesto and raw ham from Graubünden

Veggie option (without ham): CHF 18.50.-



Here’s what you need to know about this place:


Street Neuve 2

1003 Lausanne


Monday to Wednesday : 7h00 – midnight

Thursday : 7h00 – 1h00 am

Friday : 7h00 – 2h00 am

Saturday : 9h00 – 2 am

Sunday : 10h00 – 3pm


Monday to Friday : 11.45am – 2pm and 6pm – 10pm

Saturday : 11am – 2pm et 6pm – 10pm

Sunday : 11am – 2pm

Not to forget they also have good brunch. So you know where to go this weekend!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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Job Switch

Jobs in today’s society with Millennials, and why do we keep changing so much?


Related to one of my recent post, I’ve been expressing my opinion regarding Millennials with today’s society. I am myself one and have been surrounded by many as well. That is why so many questions are being asked amongst ourselves and this is what I have to say in regards this topic:

Job-hopping has become a norm right now. With older generations, that was absolutely not the case as they had different values back in the days. For them it was mainly to have a good stable job and eventually evolve in higher positions within the company. I for example I do many things aside including photography projects with people or fashion blogging plus a side job. I need to find a fulfillment in my daily tasks.

Us as generation Y & Z, needs to find not only satisfaction in our jobs but also a thrill and an excitement on a daily basis of our tasks. We get married and get kids to a later age for that reason we do not hesitate to change work places. Less commitment = Flexibility to be relocated for a career move. And that’s a benefit for both parties (employer – employee).

Previously, it was not well seen to have many work experiences on a resume for a recruiter (by the fear of investing time on someone who wouldn’t stay that long with them). But nowadays it is more acceptable for new development or Startup companies who shares the same beliefs as us late generation. Same work culture is involved and that is why.

Me like them would like to be the architecture of my career narrative. I have been changing a lot of job sector in contrary to my parents. By being a sales representative to a stock assistant manager at ZARA, intern in a travel agency to being a volunteer to several fashion shows. Someone once told me: “The only thing that never changes is: change”.Are you a short or a long runner within your job position or sector?

Yours truly, La Visionnaire

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Generation Y, Z & Social Media

Today’s society with digital on millennials. that include social media access tools. What’s the definition of today’s social media? How did it evolve from then to Today’s modern age?


Good day everyone! Hope your weekend went well! Mine was pretty crazy. Today I am going to a different direction than the usual. It is connected to fashion but more related to the use of social media nowadays. As I may have mentioned before, I will mainly talk about; FashionLifestyleFoodTravelPhotography

What is social media today? Or should I start with the question: What did it become? All of these questions above are important also to know where we stand in this era.

Social media from its definition is: « Websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share informations on the internet using a computer or a mobile phone ». -Cambridge Dictionary

Back in the early 2000’s and to almost two decades after, social media, meaning Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, were more options of communication. If you wanted to stay in touch with your family, a friend or a business partner abroad well those tools were at your disposition. They gradually started to replace emails. People started to realize how fast we could connect. If you may have noticed, Facebook were all about text posts and some photos.

Not to make it too long, But my point is, from then to now, social media became more part of our journey routine. How? Well beside Facebook Instagram & WhatsApp, came along Youtube, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat. Then live videos where integrated onto most social platforms. And now you see the difference with Facebook where you see more media (photos) and viral videos and less about the texts.

People are less patient, it’s all about being quickly proactive. Posting a photo or a video is faster or easier than writing a whole text. This Generation is moving to a fast pace where now where we all just to have to adapt. That being said, I wanted to share my perspective about this subject, from what I’ve witnessed from the beginning to today’s modern world.

What would be your thoughts on that topic?

-Your Dearest Visionnaire


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