The classism of myself


Hello world! This post will not be informative this time but more as a share of a Sunday’s thought. As going through my late twenties to my early stage of thirties, I realized that I am huge fan of classic, toned down colors such as black, white, grey and navy blue. I own a lot of white t-shirts & snickers , grey sweatshirts & black pants, ankle boots or skirts. These are generally my go to outfits choices. But once in a while I add some pop up color, especially during the summer with either a bright red dress or a shade of red lipstick to tone up the whole look or with rose gold accessories. By the way what color are you into?

As for my Instagram social feed, I like to make it more representative of my style. So I am currently re-arranging the whole look these days and will see how that turns out. But I love it so far. And as those pictures demonstrate, you can be as crazy as with other color palettes. It’s just simply the best of both world: black & white…

PS: You know those FB status flashback reminders? Well I had one today that appeared on my page which was this:  « You’ll never realize how strong you are until you have no other choice but to be strong »– posted July 8th 2011 (a month after my college graduation). This phrase was meant to be re-read and much needed after 7 years. As I wrote this article I was listening to the full album of Frank Sinatra, love my Sundays as always.

To you my readers, enjoy yours as well. Much love.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire



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How to take great photos, how to pose or even how to edit for Instagram?





I realized since last year in July I started trying something new. In fact that’s how I discovered the absolute red lipstick of Smashbox (you can click on the name Smashbox) that I know use and won’t change. I decided to go back last year in Montreal to a store for a makeup session and never found a red lipstick that I would like until I got into to this store.

This year (yesterday), I decided to start a new series of self-portrait. Knowing that I don’t always have someone to take photographs for my blog, I told myself why not use that technology we have at our disposition which is: the TIMER you find on cameras. So I decided to take some shots and results; the photos turned out really well.



In our modern society, social media users, focus more into a better quality content. Filters apps (applications mobile) has become a plus but also popular nowadays. You should ask yourself what type of content you would like to post. In my case I would often refer to the line of fashion because that is more in my expertise.

Now, we have more and more access to different types of phone applications, but let me give you the most common ones: FACETUNE (for face adjustments or background retouch), VSCO (which gives you access to tons of retro and trendy filters), GRID (where you post one photos divided into 9 little squares), UNFOLDED, which is one of my favorite (that gives you a Kodak & polaroid look frames). With many other more on the market, I guarantee, you won’t be out of options!

Once you put your hands on it, it becomes easier to use it, trust me. And it allows you to become more creative with your photos.



If you are a visual person like me, do not hesitate to get inspired on apps like Pinterest or Instagram. There is this main one I like to use, which is: LOOKBOOK. The idea behind it, Is that people from all around the world post their outfit of the day (OOTD) almost just like Instagram but with no captions. I guarantee you, it’s one of the best platform where you can get fashionably inspired. This way you know how to pose in front of a camera. Especially if you are trying to build up good content on your social page as a fashionista or a fashion blogger.

Try to have a wide angle for your photographs, it offers a better visual on your social feeds. If you look at a page where the photo has been cut in half or in a full wide angle picture. Then ask yourself where your eyes are more directed to. Just like in a museum, your eyes will be looking first to BIG paintings / photographs than the smaller sizes.

Then for a full body shot it can either be vertical or horizontal. A shot from downward or upward gives you a higher density to the main subject. You can be very creative in so many ways. But I won’t go into too full details with this article. Too many has been said already 🙂




Selfies are trendy at this current moment sometimes a little too much for others. To the point where the focus this goes into a wrong distraction, in my opinion. There is taking selfies and taking SELFIES. What I mean by that, is that taking a picture of yourself, sure why not but having the interest to post quotes or taking photos of your travels or objects, gives more variety to your profile.

And what I mean when I say SELFIES, well some people have the NEED to post their faces all the time. Does it demonstrate some sort of insecurities? I would say yes. I saw on an old newspaper article where some of them would do it before a funeral or while there was a fire in a building and so on. It gives them some sort of adrenaline and this is not the way to use social media.



We do live in a world surrounded by technology and that’s the reality of it. Even more in the future. Some uses more than others. Just like sport some do it more than others, etc. But let’s not forget that with change comes adaptation. The secret is to use with moderation, unless you are a professional social media or influencer. But I would say everything in life should be use in moderation still.



Grey & white baker hat (new collection 2018): BERSHKA

Grey & white shirt purchased last year: BERSHKA

Laced shirt : ZARA

Black & White sweater: BERSHKA


On that note you guys have a good week within a great start of a new month! 

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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