Longtime huh

Photoshoot due date this week

So Sunday is here soon.. and why am I that excited? Only because I have an upcoming photoshoot to showcase my clothing trends (old like new pieces). And the last time I did this with my friend was back in Paris which was September last year.. yeah..so lots of photos to take this week. I may have found three or four people who can help me with it from time to time. Having a big social network always helps but it is also fun when you know and trust the person behind the camera. So that being said. Keep your eye open on the blog and my social media on Instagram (@lavisionnnaire /@thevisionnaire)

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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Mostly into the B’s & W’s

Love my black and white oh oh & the 60’s (part I)

Hello World! Isn’t it a beautiful Sunday? Fall slowly coming on its way, gentle breeze, a hot cup of tea, some jazz music or Netflix and oh..wait a minute. I am describing my kind of relaxing day. But I guess your off day must not be that different..was it?

By this title you may have guessed it right. I am a huge fan of black and white color tones. Mmmh maybe beside summer but in overall and general this is my vibe since a couple of years ago. As a teen I was all about the blue tones dressing ( I am not even exaggerating ). And also because royal blue is my actual favorite color.. that’s all. Then beginning of my adulthood it has transitioned to classic color tones with a lot of burgundy colors (a lot like my brother in fact). Then coming to this period of my late 20’s, beginning of my 30’s, black-white-grey, naturally came into my world. It is what I feel more comfortable in and at best.

For me it is definitely an eye catching palette. In the upcoming blog posts you will see more of my outfits photos (OOTD) with my old old clothes and see how trendy that can turn out!

Long story short this photo was taken by one of my good friend. He did my make-up (60’s look vibe which I love) and the styling but he was also behind the camera. A true chameleon in nature; that I am really impressed by his various talents. His Instagram name goes under : a_level_ 

He took a lot photographs of me and we definitely had fun that night as it was just a simple test shoot that turned out to a great night photoshoot. Both passionate about photography we are truly pleased about the results and this is just one sample out of the zillion photos taken.

As a last note, I would like to point out how August has gone by so fast. I feel like it has been my lucky month since last year. Having the chance and being blessed to spend time with longtime, close, new friends on top of that family reunions. It definitely felt really good. I have been socially & professionally busy within these 4 last weeks, in fact almost every day. This period has passed by the blink of an eye. I don’t know how my body is holding up, but I can ensure you that September will be more peaceful.

On that note, I am off to bed and see you soon for new adventures! 

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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