Parisian Chic or Street?

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Hello World, I cannot believe we are coming to the end of the year 2020, time flies and I feel like a lot of you guys would agree with me on this matter. Between intensified worldwide violence, Covid-19 & much more, it has definitely been special, hard, awakening for a lot of us. So let’s highly hope that 2021 will bring a bit more of positive notes. I will have to admit that with all of what’s happening, we shall be more grateful 🙂

Now on a different subject, which is what the title indicate here above, I would like showcase some Parisian looks I have taken out of my wardrobe. Some are new pieces and others old & both world can be easily mixed, simply having some creative mind when dressing up during winter. Here are some pictures with different color tones I usually go for and you will see that I am huge fan of berets! I do love a good combo of black & gold or white and gold touch / detail, as presented here below.

Was inspired by the look from the Tv show from Emily in Paris. As of the 2nd pictures all taken by me. Hope all of that give you some ideas. Enjoy your week!



Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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