February 8th 2018, it was all about the african culture that night. From the members of the Ethnography Museum of Geneva and a crowded public from all over Switzerland and multicultural people, this beautiful event reunited all of us! Here are some photos to showcase it.



For its second edition, it reunited more or less 300 people that evening with the Founder member of Afrodyssée, Perrine Bah. MARCHÉ-NOIR, came from Paris to present its brand and designed by Amah Ayivi. Which was really an african textile representative. Showcased by dancers which changed the unusual fashion show.


The next Afrodyssée, will be held the upcoming May 12th 2018 at the Communal room, at Plainpalais, for more details check up their website: 

Photos taken from my Iphone. See you guys on the next event!

Fati @fati_makeup_artist (instagram)


image_123986672 (4)

Checking up the african textile merchandise

image_123986672-3.jpgimage_123986672 (1)


image_123986672 (2)

two women from the fashion world!

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