And here comes June…

Summer is on rdv here in switzerland


Today I am writing this article under this current heat of 29 degrees, here in Geneva. Most of you may know that I am more into the cold kind of weather so when it goes above 23 or 25 degrees, then I suffer of hotness lol. Anyways enough about the temperature more about my next post.These upcoming photos, were taken last year around July or so and never posted them. (Don’t know why though…). Time is definitely due. I love the basic colors such as: white, grey and black, which I can never get tired of. It can be easily paired up with any other shades and who doesn’t like a good black dress?? 

For this look I’ve decided to go for a grey tint and a « stripy » style. The funny story is I’ve purchased the hat and my shirt at different periods of time and realized after months that these two items fully matched!! I decided then to do a series of self portraits. Here are some of my favorite samples below.

Now that I have more content for my blog and for you guys, I’ll try my best to be more consistent. Being a fashion blogger is a big passion of mine since 2009. Fashion is a huge part of my life, can’t get enough of it! Mind you, there are some old pieces showcased throughout these photographs so, some of them cannot be find in stores anymore but my mom always used to say this to me:  » When fashion goes around, it comes back around ». You will find similar of my clothing items in store or online.  

On that note you guys enjoy your week in all forms, productive or if you’re on vacation enjoy as well! I am definitely enjoying my last day of vacay.

The grey & white stripped baker is hat is from: BERSHKA

The grey & white stripped shirt is from : ZARA

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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