August has been good to me

Did not see the days go by…


Hello to you my readers. Hope your summer is going well, dont know if you guys had the chance to travel? As for me, exactly one year ago in August of 2017, it was one of my best summer ever. I had the chance but also the opportunity not only to travel on my own, with no meeting up any friends or family relatives but also going to places I’ve never been to before. That include L.A, Miami (where I met great people at hostels and with whom I still remain good friends until this very day), Chicago and finally New York (where I have been before). 



So this has been definitely a learning and rich experience for me. This year I have been cooling it off, focusing more on my career choice options. Trying to save more money in the process so I can again travel as of next year 2019. And maybe who knows, making it at the Coachella Festival hopefully. But on the other hand I also have spent a lot of time with my friends (old & new) and family, which felt so goood! And by this title, I did not see the days go by. Having so many events to attend to from : birthdays to summer bbq’s , photoshoots, nights outs to baby showers and so on…

So for the second time of the year in row, as of the month of August, I am definitely grateful of what life has to offer to me. The month is not over yet, and so much more is on its way 🙂

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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