Bangles (not the rock group) & cosmetics


Hello! Today’s theme is all about cosmetics and bangles (or should I say vice versa according to my pictures’ display). So let me just start with those affordable and amazing pieces. Let me tell you I haven’t been to Aldo Accessories in a while and during my stay in Canada I went for a little  »bling bling » shopping look. I bought those five golden bracelets which were 10$ each at the time but now I just found online they are: 3.99$ each!

Here is the link (click on the name Aldo): ALDO

I took one of each which are: Equality – Girl power – Unity. These are strong words that means a lot to me, because every young girls and women out there  should absolutely feel it. This a kind of a little reminder. I originally purchased them thinking they look like the Cartier bracelets only cheaper but more meaningful to me in my opinion. I am more a silver kind of girl but lately I have been more into the gold and most of all the rose gold range.

As for the last picture, it is more about a concealer also to hide the dark circles (under your eyes). It’s from the Smashbox line which I adore, got other products from it, that will be posted soon on this blog.

Thanks for reading and as always don’t forget to smile.. T.

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