Been a while…

I am back …

Photo Taken from my friend Alban: his instagram is: @a_level_


Hello world, I haven’t posted for a while. I hate giving excuses but here is one. I was really sick. Lesson learned sick or not (unless it’s life or death), when you’re committed to a project or a blog you can always make a minimum of an effort in my own opinion. My head was not into the game lately and would like to catch up with some new content for you guys.

Approaching slowly the fall season, I have many ideas and projects in mind. I have a preference when it comes to dressing up but also the weather itself. I love wearing leather jackets (for the longest time I could possibly remember) as well as trench coats, ankle boots and so on. 

As a plus, an idea came up thanks to a friend; to merge my photography portfolio and as well my blog. If you guys have any comments feel free to share them in the comment section below. It would be easier to find all my infos and work throughout one website and avoid you guys to type different names on google. I like the idea thanks to him.

With that being said, hope you guys are enjoying your summer, for what’s left of it. Also I just remember, they are plenty of festivals but there is this one that I am looking forward to go to, next year which is the Lollapalooza Festival (similar to the Coachella festival). Which I already knew existed in Chicago, when I went there last year. Then I recently found out that, they have one, in Berlin & Paris (can’t believe « The Killers, « Stereophonics », « Gorillaz » and more artists were there). 

– You guys enjoy your weekend! Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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