Black & White are my thing, what about you?!

Hello World, (yes I always write World with a capital W as if I am respectfully talking to a person but the world is big and my readers are very important to me). I recently took several selfies, yes I said it SELFIES. I mean nowadays don’t we almost all? Didn’t have choice asking someone to be my photographer, since I’ve been extremely busy with work. I felt well dressed that (like everyday !) I decided to snap away. From the pictures you will see me in a casual, comfy outfit.

The sweater is a brand new sweater straight from H&M, inspired from one of my mom old sweater when I was little. On top of that, I’ve added a  pair of old ripped jeans as well from H&M (still in stores) and a pair of white converse purchased in New York. So there you have a whole look.  I am currently working on an upcoming project can’t tell much about it now but it will be up soon on the blog and it is also a first for me! On that note you guys, you have a great week.



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