Chilling mode (Winter Edition)



Being cozy during the mid week feels good right on Christmas Eve! Well I am assuming some of you can, doing home office but for others that have to be at their job, well I applaud you for that. I am currently enjoying my time at home, reinforcing my skills, cooking pain perdus for instance as you can see on the picture below, doing things I have put aside for so long. December 2020 has been so far so good. 

Taking some time to slowdown feels refreshing, you feel revived. Some can do so either at the end of the week, others beginning of it, depending on your schedules. Living in Switzerland & depending of the area, for this month we did not have yet heavy winters, nor lots of snow. We are actually going through some rainy periods which is not that bad. We can still walk around without falling on slouchy wet floors ! So hope you guys had time to buy your gifts. I always hear some are last minute shoppers and others well in advance, I mean by the end of the day if you have found what you have been looking for sure why not! Also I have not purchased any Christmas tree this year for my apartment, next year who knows!

I’ve been re-organizing my closet, also given some clothes away to create more space and creating a feeling of more of a light weight state of mind. Anyway gotta get ready soon to celebrate Christmas with my fam.

From left to right (H&M – Zara)

On that note I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a good celebration with your loved ones and if you are alone at home remember you are not alone, as long as you can connect with people online via FaceTime or with any other communication tools <3 

Your dearest: La Visionnaire



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