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I’ve decided to comeback with new creative content for you guys. With the photographs below, it definitely showcases my fashion style. More like a street chic vibe. Oh but before I get into the main subject I just wanted to mention how of an amazing birthday I’ve had. Surrounded by my close friends and family around some couple of drinks, bowling (which was the best part of the evening) and finally going clubbing. That night fully reminded me of how lucky I am to have those people in my life filled with positive energy. 

Followed by weeks later, my dream came true, when me and some of of my Rwandese community friends & family had the chance to go to Milan for a convention about Rwandan Youth, which was a refreshing, learning & emotional experience. I have learned a lot more about my roots. Plus I’ve always wanted to go to Milan, I mean common it’s one of the fashion capital and not just to mention but I always end up flying out to a capital fashion city during the month of May (don’t ask me why lol).

Okay now back to the initial subject. Here are some cool photos taken from my new photographer Estelle. Thanks to her, I got brand new content for my blog but as well posted on other social media such as Instagram, where I’ve paused for the last 6 months. (I tend to do that once in a while when I am trying to do a cleanup or find my proper signature style. So here is the results. I am rearranging them as per category but here’s a mix.

  • The Versace look alike black jacket with red stripes and gold chain comes from: BERSHKA
  • White T-shirt « Paris Love » comes from: PULL & BEAR 
  • Vans comes from : POMP IT UP 
  • The black Jogging pants are from : H&M
  • The long navy blue & white gown is from : FOREVER21
  • The mini white laced top is from: BERSHKA
  • The black beanie is from the designs of Djibril Cissé:  Mr.LENOIR 

The end. You guys enjoy your Sunday.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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