Generation Y, Z & Social Media

Today’s society with digital on millennials. that include social media access tools. What’s the definition of today’s social media? How did it evolve from then to Today’s modern age?


Good day everyone! Hope your weekend went well! Mine was pretty crazy. Today I am going to a different direction than the usual. It is connected to fashion but more related to the use of social media nowadays. As I may have mentioned before, I will mainly talk about; FashionLifestyleFoodTravelPhotography

What is social media today? Or should I start with the question: What did it become? All of these questions above are important also to know where we stand in this era.

Social media from its definition is: « Websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share informations on the internet using a computer or a mobile phone ». -Cambridge Dictionary

Back in the early 2000’s and to almost two decades after, social media, meaning Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, were more options of communication. If you wanted to stay in touch with your family, a friend or a business partner abroad well those tools were at your disposition. They gradually started to replace emails. People started to realize how fast we could connect. If you may have noticed, Facebook were all about text posts and some photos.

Not to make it too long, But my point is, from then to now, social media became more part of our journey routine. How? Well beside Facebook Instagram & WhatsApp, came along Youtube, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat. Then live videos where integrated onto most social platforms. And now you see the difference with Facebook where you see more media (photos) and viral videos and less about the texts.

People are less patient, it’s all about being quickly proactive. Posting a photo or a video is faster or easier than writing a whole text. This Generation is moving to a fast pace where now where we all just to have to adapt. That being said, I wanted to share my perspective about this subject, from what I’ve witnessed from the beginning to today’s modern world.

What would be your thoughts on that topic?

-Your Dearest Visionnaire


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