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2 summers ago


Gosh I haven’t been blogging for such a long time. Like whaaat. This is a big no no and have no excuse.

Moving on to the main subject of this post. As I was going through some photos in my phone I randomly saw similar ones and thought why not publish those ones instead of them being kept in the dark. I am not really the typical woman who tend to wear dresses that much (although a bit more every year, especially on night outs). Since forever I feel pants and in the summer shorts, are such comfy and good looks outfits. So here are some samples below

The short is from Forever 21 and the t-shirts from H&M. These are summer assemblage photos. Now so looking forward to the fall season, where we have a period of cool & trendy clothes, fashion shows, pumpkin lattes, warm colors of leaves all around the city and some rain. How I love autumn! On that note hope you guys have updated your wardrobe? Enjoy your Sunday.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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