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Jobs in today’s society with Millennials, and why do we keep changing so much?


Related to one of my recent post, I’ve been expressing my opinion regarding Millennials with today’s society. I am myself one and have been surrounded by many as well. That is why so many questions are being asked amongst ourselves and this is what I have to say in regards this topic:

Job-hopping has become a norm right now. With older generations, that was absolutely not the case as they had different values back in the days. For them it was mainly to have a good stable job and eventually evolve in higher positions within the company. I for example I do many things aside including photography projects with people or fashion blogging plus a side job. I need to find a fulfillment in my daily tasks.

Us as generation Y & Z, needs to find not only satisfaction in our jobs but also a thrill and an excitement on a daily basis of our tasks. We get married and get kids to a later age for that reason we do not hesitate to change work places. Less commitment = Flexibility to be relocated for a career move. And that’s a benefit for both parties (employer – employee).

Previously, it was not well seen to have many work experiences on a resume for a recruiter (by the fear of investing time on someone who wouldn’t stay that long with them). But nowadays it is more acceptable for new development or Startup companies who shares the same beliefs as us late generation. Same work culture is involved and that is why.

Me like them would like to be the architecture of my career narrative. I have been changing a lot of job sector in contrary to my parents. By being a sales representative to a stock assistant manager at ZARA, intern in a travel agency to being a volunteer to several fashion shows. Someone once told me: “The only thing that never changes is: change”.Are you a short or a long runner within your job position or sector?

Yours truly, La Visionnaire

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