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I was kindly invited by the PR/TICULAR to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the opening store: KA/NOA, on Sept 27th 2018 in Lausanne, which was a great success! And let me tell how of a success that was. Couldn’t be happier to discover a new clothing brand. I’ve discovered the man behind KA/NOA but also I had the pleasure to know more about the story throughout his family and his team. You will definitely understand why, once you read the interview of Mr. Grande and witness the pictures below. Are you guys ready? 




Me: First of all congratulations on your one year anniversary of KO/NOA! I am bit curious what does KA/NOA stands for?

Mr. Grande: KA/NOA comes from the name of my kids: Kaia & Noah. I wanted to create a virtual link between my father who was the tailor of my family and my kids who never got the chance to meet him. The easiest thing was to create this link in a visual way. The other reason why the name KA/NOA was chosen, is because it is easily pronounced in different languages. 

Me: So I believe this is a family tradition. Do you think your family would take over the family’s business at some point ?

Mr. Grande: (With a smile he responds) This is an early stage. We have just celebrated the one year anniversary of the store. Let’s focus on that first! We hope doing our best for the next years coming up and who knows still have a celebration in the next 20 years or more. To answer your question; it will also depends on my children’s choices as well. 

Me: Onto a more technical fashion design question. Where do you mainly get your fabrics? What is/are the process of the creations?

Mr. Grande: I get my fabrics made only in Italy and 100% from there. In my opinion that’s where I get the best quality for my brand. Labels included, everything is made exclusively from Italy. Adding on to that, I wanted to create jobs and to continue to develop the savoir-faire. I am aware that the working condition textile industry can be pretty tough or challenging in many countries for workers. And I am doing my best to provide the best condition. I know every single producers and suppliers. Made by human for human simply incredible.

MeThat is certainly well said! On to the next question. Can you give us 3 words /adjectives that describes your brand?

Mr. Grande: I would first of all describe as a whispered luxury. Because of the way the fabrics are made. Basic as well but basic does not mean simple, sometimes some of the things that are made of basics are the most complicated things to do. Finally the last one would be, quality. Oh and unique, because we design from A to Z, paying attention to the sewing and quality details, we are pleased to see the results.

MeI see there is a lot of work behind it between your team and yourself and in conclusion KA/NOA stands out. My first impression of the brand was: Menswear. Who exactly are your customers? Is it only targeted towards men or men & women?

Mr. Grande: Actually both. I didn’t expect that at first when I started. In fact my daughter bought her own sweater ! And my wife also wears our clothing. In fact there are many women that come in store to buy because of its fabrics. For instance we sell a lot of shirts for women. We highly select the colors and the cuts, for them. We also have created and selected XS sizes for women to extend our products to a wider customer base. 

MeBrilliant! Well I should start shopping at KA/NOA soon! Also I couldn’t help but to notice that on your website you have a section called « outfit » giving styling tips to customers?

Mr. Grande: It’s not really a tip. Since I travel a lot, I needed to find a way to set up my suitcase under 5 mins but also to showcase how we can easily match an outfit to another outfit in a short amount of time and how one piece could be versatile and that converts how to travel light. That includes : color- fabric -style. It gives a casual look and that was more the idea. 

MeFor me it stands out from a lot of other store brands out there because you see different collections but the styling or advice section is often missing. Leading towards my last question: What advice(s) would give to the younger generation or soon to be entrepreneurs who would like to stamp their foot into the fashion / fashion design industry?

Mr. Grande: I would simply say that you need to be as crazy as possible, because in order to launch a business like this one, in the retail world and when you participate or make all the manufacture, you have to be a little bit nut! On a personal level, it’s something I have been passionate about for 20 years. Just putting into practice without overthinking too much in front of an Excel sheet will do the work. If you are crazy enough to overcome the Excel sheet, just do it!

MeThank you so much for your time Mr Grande and it has been a pleasure to discover KA/NOA.

Mr. Grande: Thank you!

Love the color tone and will definitely shop there and you guys should too! On that note I will leave their store location details below the photos and you guys enjoy your week!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire






SAT: 10 AM – 6 PM





PHONE NUMBER: +41 21 311 39 81







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