Miami Part I

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Miami part I, why? Oh boy, simply because I have taken way too many photos. Since that  » Miami Vice » tv series (1984), I’ve been longing to go there. Dream came true, also it was my first US destination this summer. Let me tell you this: there was ABSOLUTELY not a single disappointment at all from the stay at  »Beds ‘N Drinks , The hot weather was at the rendez-vous and the night outs were on a next level.

This place has been so far one of my best trip, people are so open and kind and free spirit. I would advise to go there for 4 days or. I extended my trip for three extra days. The hostel itself had a direct bar at the entrance before even the reception, how crazy is that? The staff is amazing, they have various activities during the week for the people staying there, enough space in the rooms and I guarantee you, you will definitely meet people during your stay there. It was my first experience going there on my own (then my cousin joined me for a little while and loved it too) and was worried at first but it turned out good. I’ve always travelled with someone or if not I knew somebody to the place I was going to. So this was new to me, to go somewhere I’ve never been and where I knew nobody.

Met great people along the way and we became a big crew. We decided to all stay in touch. Miami has a lot to offer, it has variety in terms of culture where a lot of inhabitants speak Spanish (which is pretty common in Miami), also their venues is filled with tons of cafés, restaurants, clubs and bars because it’s the heart of partying! I have so much more to say but will keep it for part II ? On that note, you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading as always and don’t forget to smile.. always. T

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