Hello everyone ! First I hope you are all having a great Sunday so far (might be a bit late my time, 1 a.m European time so now Monday for me). On that note, I’ve decided to post more of photos of me recently because this is what the blog is mainly about, to showcase my own style. Throughout all these years, I’ve always shown my friends throughout my photographs but having my own story to tell as well, I decided this year to focus more on me, myself and I.

The more you grow up, the better you know where your focus stand. Enough with the  »bla bla bla ». These photos were taken by my cousin back in Montreal, in her apartment. I told her:  » Hey! before I go to this US tour trip, I would like have some portraits taken, before I go explore the world » and she responded:  »Sure why not!  » . I must admit being behind the camera at all times, I for sure did have fun that day being in front of it. They turned out pretty good hahah (self love).

As this fall is coming up, my creative mind is going more crazy than usual. Brainstorming is all I do right now. Working on several projects between now and next summer and most of all before I reach my 30th birthday next spring (yeah 30…) is my goal. Anyway no more writing, time to head to bed, because as artists we are definitely late birds.

Beige cap: H&M , Striped t-shirt: Forever21, black ripped jeans : Forever21, Ripped denim oversized jacket: Forever21 and leather jacket: Tally Weijl

Thanks for reading as always and don’t forget to smile.. always.


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