New Hairstyle…

This photo does not represent my actual hair…stay tuned with new upcoming photos of my short bob hair


Hello World! I am back with another new topic. Which you may have seen from the title : my new hairstyle. This was a back and forth decision process wether I should cut my hair or not. And let me be straightforward with this matter but at first I didn’t want to cut it. After going to the hair salon with a consultation, it was definitely time to chop a chunky amount of hair. The result is that I am happy with my choice.

It was totally damaged. and now I feel like a brand new woman and it is more easier to manage it but also it feels less heavy! So thank you to the team of Hairmania (you can click on the name). New photos up soon as well as fashion outfits photographs.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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