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So with one of my best friend we decided to hang out again after a while. Long story short we have known each other since high school. Weren’t really friends back then but then after years went by, we discovered we had so much in common. Now to the main subject. We decided to discover new bars / restaurants mainly in the the city of Lausanne & Geneva. It’s a good way to discover local areas of our home town. We then decided to go to our then first destination : Le Pointu (you can click on the name of the restaurant). The food was delicious & fresh and I totally recommend it for you food lovers out there and organic foodies!

La Tomatella & La Tartarecito

La Tartarecito  |  CHF 21.-

Beef Roast Heart Tartar (140g) flavored with lime olive oil, creamy Chipotle (smoked sweet pepper), tomato condiment, red onions, chives and tortilla chips


The Tomatella | CHF 19.50-

San Marzano tomatoes roasted with Bear’s Garlic, Stracciatella (heart of Burrata) from Vaud, homemade almond pesto and raw ham from Graubünden

Veggie option (without ham): CHF 18.50.-



Here’s what you need to know about this place:


Street Neuve 2

1003 Lausanne


Monday to Wednesday : 7h00 – midnight

Thursday : 7h00 – 1h00 am

Friday : 7h00 – 2h00 am

Saturday : 9h00 – 2 am

Sunday : 10h00 – 3pm


Monday to Friday : 11.45am – 2pm and 6pm – 10pm

Saturday : 11am – 2pm et 6pm – 10pm

Sunday : 11am – 2pm

Not to forget they also have good brunch. So you know where to go this weekend!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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