New Year 2018

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It’s the new year 2018! Last year 2017 has been good to me, full of experiences, adventures, travels, meet ups, and more… (I do apologize for the kind of blurry photographs to see it clearer check the website on your smartphones). Will work on it. This a fresh start for a lot of us. Time to think about what we want to bring to the table , job wise, relationship wise, activity wise and more. Got so much more ideas for my blog, in terms of styling, travels, collaboration, etc.

Got more to post in the upcoming days. The first photo, the checkered red and black jacket is from the store Zebra, as for the grey blazer it was on sale from H&M Swiss stores. Plus if you have the H&M app you can save a little bit more. And finally my favorite fedora hat from Forever21 You guys be good and productive!

Your dearest T.

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