Number 29



27 for my birthday in London



1. My best year


My 20’s period has been such a learning and fulfilling experience for me. I have definitely learned a lot when it came to being a young adult. Also a lot has happened since my 20th birthday. Looking back I’ve been through high and lows like everybody on this planet. So back to the 29th age. From January to December , I have never travelled as much as the year 2017. Starting with Paris in January for the new years in Disneyland!

Also the company where I’ve worked has closed and so I decided to go away for 3 months (I needed it). And it was my best friend’s wedding. So I turned my original ticket of 3 weeks to 3 month stay. Because an occasion like that is not given at anytime. I basically went to see my family in Canada; Montreal & Ottawa and a friend in Toronto.  I then decided to do something new: travel on my own where I knew no one, and my 1st stop was in Miami in a hostel where I had SUCH a good time (my cousin tagged along as well), we had fun at this hostel called « Bed & drinks » (you can click on the name) the name says it all. Also I did another tattoo as well. Followed by that I took the flight to Chicago where I could attend an open air movie screening, then to a jazz club, because I mean common it’s Chicago and I saw the Cloud Gate, the BEAN!

Followed by a stop to Los Angeles where I’ve met people along the way in a hostel right in the center of Hollywood. We went car riding to Venice Beach, walked miles and miles at the Runyon Canyon and saw the Hollywood sign (as I’ve always dreamed of) and Malibu. I went to a baseball game to see the Dodgers play and an american football game and finally went out and got to see the Dolby Theater and watched a movie! And finally but not the least once again in New York, where I’ve attended Broadway and saw Monica (the singer) performed and got the occasion to see Busta Rymes at a patio in bar where no one saw he was there and went to this gay village, where I danced on podiums haha! So summer was definitely GREAT!

Back home in Switzerland, I went to Paris for one of the local fashion week with one of my best friend and we had the time of our lives and to end the year, I travelled with my brother to see my dad’s side of the family in Belgium, Antwerpen, whom I haven’t seen for 7 years or so. So definitely a lot has happened last year.


2. Some things I’ve learned…


As you age you figure out more and more who you are, who you want to hang around with or not, what you want and don’t want, being at ease with your identity. Doing your own things and being more responsible with your actions. But also taking care of yourself is primary. Wether you want to take some time for yourself, to go to the gym, pamper yourself , read a book or else; is valuable. Because let’s not forget, in general you constantly surrounded with people on a daily basis : work wise and socially wise. So the time of taking a step back and pause by realizing what you have achieved this week or what has happened, is crucial. That way you also realize what you have accomplished but also being grateful of life. In my young years I would go out a lot but then my mom taught me that I needed to find yourself, which I didn’t understand at the time. Life has taught me a lot!


3. Who is my surroundings?


Well I am a social bee, as most of you guys know. I love meeting new people. I’ve been super shy during my childhood and teenage period, as I’ve grown older, it totally reversed and realized how much you can learn from others but also in terms of the networking aspects (job wise). I used to have tons of friends or should I say acquaintances. It has actually reduced within the last couple of years when I wanted to focus more on myself. My Facebook friends went real quick from 1100 people to 250 today. I can be very drastic, if i barely speak with the person, then I see no point in keeping them around. Also I have the tendencies to clean up my social media feeds and settings, so it goes along with it. I have more or less 8 close friends I can count on and of course my family included, especially my dad and brother!


4. My odd number : 2


Since my 21st birthday, I couldn’t help by notice one thing.. Every 2 years, something major and big happens to my life. Wether it’s big or small , bad or good. Let me list you the major events of my life.

21 years old: My mom passed away but also , that event matured me in ways some of you couldn’t imagine. Also her heritage was passed on to me and my brother. Also the school where I studied closed after 4 months and took my first driving lesson class and tests.

23 years old : I’ve graduated from college back in Canada in Tourism and where I got my first job at Zara and not to forget I moved out to move with a roomie

25 years old : Something major happened but can’t really tell. And celebrated my birthday in New York (quarter of a century age)

27 years old : Back in Switzerland and also moved out on my own for the first time in a studio and got met my first big love which lasted for a good amount of time..

29 years old : Made the big travel and got through a tough time relationship wise. Also the company where I’ve worked for closed, that was a first.

image_6483441 (3).JPG

So there it is, entering a new decade of new adventures. Nostalgic of the previous decade. Life is a journey and much more to live ahead…

Your dearest Tyah and you all have a good weekend, I got a birthday to get ready to!

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