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What’s on your current spring plates?


Lately I have been loving sharing my food / recipes on social media. What some people don’t know is that, I do enjoy cooking. I have always lived with roomates and wasn’t always comfortable cooking in presence of someone. Now that I do live on my own, I can transfer all my cooking ideas into reality and so far so good. Can I say I am a good cook?… OH YES!

Here are some couple shots, mostly breakfast (which is not cooking but what I love to eat in the mornings) and for quick bites. And it is my favorite meal of the day. Those are just light servings for now. More will come up soon.

Here some examples of breakies to start the day right. By ideally drinking lemon water before hand.

  • – Smoothies (veggies /fruits)
  • – Müsli with yogurt, fruits, grains, chia seeds, coconut flakes, peanut butter or almond
  • – Salmon toasts with poched eggs , bacon
  • – Fruits salad
  • – Banana pancakes with honey drizzle and whip cream 
  • – Tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach omelets 
  • – Toasts / croissants with:  jam- honey – butter
  • – Regular cornflakes

The possibilities are endless up to you to choose! Stay safe guys and get the right nutrients into your body.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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