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It’s been a hot minute. Lot’s of things have been happening in my life lately but that’s another topic to discuss about, on my upcoming blog post. This next article is definitely related to what we are all going through right now, which is winter.

Which brings me back to the main subject. Ladies and gentleman let me present you to this clothing brand called: NOBIS (by clicking on the name it will directly lead you to their website to discover more about their products).

I have had the lovely pleasure to attend a fashion event organized by this amazing team of PR/TICULAR, Wednesday, January 23rd from 6 pm to 8 pm at the the EASTSIDE SHOP at 9,Place des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva.

At first I didn’t know much about the brand and local events like this one, allow you not only to network but also to discover new clothing labels. From what I’ve seen so far, I would describe Nobis as a great quality piece, mainly winter outwear addressed to kids, women and men. With a classic down tone color going from navy blue to a vivid pure red. Everyone could find their happiness, I guarantee you! What I love most about their collection, is that each outwear have their own names, like Dylan, Abby,etc… I feel like, by attributing a certain identity to these outfits it brings these clothes to life. 

When it comes to the price range it starts from 749.- chf (swiss francs) up to 2589.- chf (or a bit more). Everyone has for sure their own budget. If you can afford it, then it’s totally worth it. Especially on a long run when you go through several winters. For those who might not be so familiar with Nobis, they kind of look like the Canada goose winter jackets. It shows you how high their quality is and how their price is a full result of hard work, a big team behind it and so much more to it. We tend to forget the whole chain process behind a clothing brand when you go to a store or in a boutique. And the perfect exemple to illustrate my thoughts is well explained throughout the movie : « The Devil wears Prada » in the scene where Miranda Priestly explained to Andy Sachs how the blue belt is being manufactured. It really demonstrate my point.

It has a sporty-chic look vibe, protects you from the wildest cold winters and the structure of their winter jackets add that little plus. My photos below show you a piece of their collection. On a plus note you will most likely see another article about them. The history about Nobis: It has been created 10 years ago and are spotted in 40 countries, which is huge.They have managed to combines textile with technology. So that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

Wishing you all a great Sunday. You guys know it’s my « me time ». 

Left : The Representer of Nobis Marcy + Right : The owner of EastSide store Jonathan


EastSide Café soon to be opened

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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