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You guys might wonder from the title and pictures, what ‘s my next story? Well I recently came back from vacation. Precisely from Iceland, which was my dream destination. And yesterday, going throughout my phone I found many photos from my old trips that I haven’t shared yet.

So these are the pictures I picked and here are the reasons why.. Belgium is one of my most memorable trip destination. For the longest time I can remember, I’ve been going there since am a kid with my parents and brother by car and we would do 7 hours drive, usually for Christmas / new years.

Both of my parents’ family live there, that includes aunties, cousins, uncles, nephews & nieces. So this part of this globe always have a special place in my heart in terms of family memories.

WAFFLES are the s***t, every time I go there, I need to have it with chocolate sauce & whip cream, if not well… I don’t know what the heck I would do ?? So here is a quick snap of what I took, here above.

Still got vacation days left, where should I go next? In the meantime y’all have a good productive new week!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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I am a short kind of girl

2 summers ago


Gosh I haven’t been blogging for such a long time. Like whaaat. This is a big no no and have no excuse.

Moving on to the main subject of this post. As I was going through some photos in my phone I randomly saw similar ones and thought why not publish those ones instead of them being kept in the dark. I am not really the typical woman who tend to wear dresses that much (although a bit more every year, especially on night outs). Since forever I feel pants and in the summer shorts, are such comfy and good looks outfits. So here are some samples below

The short is from Forever 21 and the t-shirts from H&M. These are summer assemblage photos. Now so looking forward to the fall season, where we have a period of cool & trendy clothes, fashion shows, pumpkin lattes, warm colors of leaves all around the city and some rain. How I love autumn! On that note hope you guys have updated your wardrobe? Enjoy your Sunday.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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Dear August…

August has been fulfilling


You guys know that my blog is explicitly in English but some words I’d rather mention it in French. Let me start with August 1st, where here in Switzerland is the National day celebrations and with that comes fireworks and wood fire. Geneva is one of the best place to celebrate it if not the best one. Lots of visitors comes for it but we also have lots of expats. We all know it’s not where you are, it’s who you are with.

 From there there was a part II celebration on August 10th still in the same city, with a huge show of fireworks and music. With that comes hanging out with the crew. 

So here comes my first French / English word. This photo was taken by me and probably one of my favorite of all times! You guys know I love my black & white photographs. We were at the manège / carousel (amusement park) and boy let me tell you we had a lot of fun!!!

Let me tell you it’s been a while I haven’t done this type of activity, I actually thought I would die that day! I was even worried for the girls wearing earring! I screamed from the tops of my lungs throughout this entire ride lol.

This photo credit goes to one my good friend. His handle on insta is : @noamzilla. He has an artistic soul & is a good photographer. He’s actually the one on the very left (sorry Noam :P).  Our nights were fulfilled of churros, cotton candy, caramelized nuts & beer! Couldn’t ask for a better time! This crew – friends of mine was created end of June and we had a great summer all together, between, clubbing, picnics, hanging out at the Geneva lake, paddle, house parties, birthdays & many more, I can definitely tell 2019 has been good to me so far!

On that note. You guys enjoy your lovely Sunday. I definitely took the time for myself this weekend, as I need to slowdown. So after the gym and blogging, time to rest & watch old classic movies. Bisous my loves.

Song of the day: Khalid feat. A Boogie wit da Hoodie – Right back (you can click on the name track)

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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My July – August 2019 (PART I)

A summer full of plans!

Hello guys! It’s definitely been a hot minute. So much to say in short paragraphs. Hope y’all summer is going as fantastic as mine. Don’t even know where to begin but let me start with this. Let me tell you that I have had also some downside (which happens to all of us). But in overall the good side has conquered my beautiful summer. 

Within the first two weeks of July, I jumped right ahead by taking vacation by going to Rwanda and see my dad whom I haven’t seen for 3 long years. I decided it was about time to go pay him a little visit. And what I can say about this trip was definitely interesting, worth it & adventurous. Starting off with booking my flight tickets the day before my trip. Usually the tickets comes to a price of 1300 Swiss Francs but got it for more than half a price, the downside was waiting at the airport with sketchy people in Kenya oh and getting my suitcases 2 days after with Swiss Fondue in it! Other than that, to make it short, I arrived safely and back in the arms of my dad. We have had time to catch up a lot and had several father-daughter time 🙂 He actually took that second photo portrait of mine, so I guess we do have another photographer in the family!

Also pointing out, I spend quality time with friends, as well as with my family from my mom’s side but most of all being at my mom’s grave for her 10th year anniversary…

The month of August, was the time spent with my new crew of friends here in Geneva. But that’s another story to tell on my next blog spot with many pictures on the waiting list. On that note I am going to catch up by watching Friends and sleep soon. SO ready for that new week after a good Sunday of self care.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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July 1st – Mom I love you

Dearest mom I love you

This year has been the 10th year anniversary of my mama who passed away and can’t believe how time flies by so fast. I remember it, like it was just yesterday. I just wanted this blog post to be a dedication towards the person that means the world to me. And for confidential reasons no photos of her & I will be posted online to avoid any kind of sharing on any social platforms. I value these visual moments as too private beside sharing stories memories.

Mom I love you.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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