Pharmalp, the name says it all

Thanks to pharmalp


I had the pleasure to attend this event in Lausanne organized by the PR company: PR/Ticular. Pharmalp, a brand I haven’t heard of, before but had the chance to know more about it over a healthy breakfast at the Continental Hotel.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Or are you out of energy during daytime activities? The answers are right below. Have a look!

What is Pharmalp? Well it is a food supplement made out of natural products such as alpine plants and probiotics. Lately other important ingredients has been added to the list such as magnesium (which reduces the fatigue), vitamin B1 & B6 (that will rise up your energy). Those key elements brings a great boost for day time as well a relaxation calm touch at night.

The name of this package is called RELAXKIT and can be purchased at any local pharmacies here in Switzerland for the price of 24.90.- CHF. You will find 20 capsules. 10 for daytime intake and another 10 for evenings intake. All of their products are gluten and lactose free.

It has help me and can feel the difference throughout my body and energy. I would totally recommend Pharmalp to you all out there.


Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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