Social Media (Part II)

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Still to this day, despite our young generation, for those born in the early 80’s, I would say that we are adapting ourselves (including me), to the current and upcoming technology but we are still traditionalist when it comes to social human interactions. After discussing with some of my friends, few questions still popped up when it came to dating apps, job search, networking , social media apps and so on… 

I have recently watched a youtube video randomly on FB (talking about social media. It has its benefits too as you can see!). Anyway, his name is Simon Sinek who is a motivational speaker and author. He talks and shares his opinions on the Millennial generation. How quick we want things, how we get affected by our current environnement, education received from our parents, etc. To be honest after 3 mins of listening to motivational videos in general, I tend to change or stop the video but this time he totally got my attention and I felt right away concerned about what he had to say. I would totally recommend you guys watching it. 

It’s crazy how we are surrounded with so many options with different social media platforms, wether it’s to make a channel video with Youtube or a few seconds of videos with tons of hilarious and creative filters with Snapchat, assembling different categories of photos like a mood board on Pinterest, sharing your stories and communicating with your family and friends throughout Facebook or even share your photographs or work as a hobby or as a professional with Instagram. I mean possibilities are endless let’s be honest. But where can this lead us? And in which way? 

In my personal opinion, it is definitely helpful when you try to grow a business or even to share your passion / hobby throughout online. For other topics then to what extend? By the end of the day, everyone is free to do what they want. But being constantly stuck in front of your screen is harmful for your eyes ! And let’s not forget the lack of social interactions for your best interest. Talking to strangers or going to a coffee shop to read a book / newspapers and so on, the list is quite long. Just wanted to share my thoughts with this second article regarding this important subject. You guys enjoy the rest of your week ! And happy Halloween in advance for those who are celebrating!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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