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Hello World (yes I did put a capital  »W » for world, as you guys are important to me as my readers). I had two good crazy weeks, visiting family friends, friends, longtime co-workers, etc. I had a blast these last few weeks. I spent more time on social interactions than taking photos (for so many reasons, I can’t explain now, long story).

But to sum up my story I had a good time in Toronto. I previously stepped foot there twice and let me tell you this: the city always makes me feel welcome due to people being open minded, free spirit and polite. Had a great time with one of my good friend Joey who I’ve met when I was working in Zara 5 years ago. Visiting the CN tour with the floor glass, to go see a jazz band live in an aquarium with a glass of wine in my hand. I mean what more can you ask for ?! More activities were done last week while I was there.

In overall I had a complete blast! (Sorry some photos were blurry will work on that for sure). You guys have a good week.


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