When B & T meet up in London

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Coco B and Coco T as we name ourselves all the time. B is definitely one of my best friend. We met throughout college and we became most likely instant friends since then.

It has been more like 6 years. We have been travelling in some places together. New York, Japan, China, Toronto and Switzerland of course.

So last year we decided to travel to London for my birthday. In England the first day of may (which fell on my birthday last year the 4th), which marks the end of winter and the beginning of a beautiful summer and represent the May bank holiday. So it was definitely a great timing for us to go there. This year will be on the 2nd. So randomly  I was lucky when I decided to go there.

Well beside this history date, here are some photos of us there. The first one was more as a random building in London, Westminster. Just like the colors used in this architecture. The second one is one of the most popular cemetery where well known people were buried. It’s the Highgate Cemetery . The third represent Coco B holding his camera. Now comes the fourth one, I have no clue where it is to be honest, but had to take this one. The fifth in some neighbourghood (just obsessed with the black & white) And last but not least Mr. B and myself, just making simple memories.

So this is about it. And little a bit more about myself and my world.


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