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My love for fashion

Before I get into the main topic of this post. I hope you guys all had a good Happy Easter with your loved ones. Spring has sprung. It’s one of my favorite season of course because I was born at that period, but it’s also a good combination of hot and cold weather, flowers found everywhere, and Easter is here too, with that comes along bunnies (which am obsessed with), chocolate and many more stuff.

This year’s celebration and long weekend made me realize even more the good people I am surrounded with and the time off I was able to get. In between, comes along the birthdays, brunch, hang outs, with family and friends. It was definitely a good refresher and I am ready to start a brand new week after all this positive vibe.

Now back to the main point. Fashion, yes I have been off radar lately due to my extra curricular activities and work. Being on social media at times is a reminder of what my creative mind has to offer. I decided to have new photos taken for my blog and IG. And let me tell you guys how the result of it, came in an outstanding way.

These photographs are just a preview of what’s coming next. Couldn’t hold myself any longer to showcase some of them on this platform. Also you can preview my multiple street style throughout this blog. I was told lately that the hat is one of my signature trend. As you may have notice I always wear accessories on my photos. That’s who I am !

Hope you enjoyed my first samples of April’s post and more will be on its way for you. In the meantime spring has arised and so are you.

Have a good fulfilling week y’all.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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