Breakfast du jour!

Going all the way crunchy & yummy

It’s a bit late to post a breakfast article on my end (European time) but it’s not too late somewhere else on this planet! Here is an example below of what I like to eat for breakfast during weekdays before my work shift. 

I always add fruits in my müsli bowl, wether it’s apples, which are good antioxidants, vitamins & dietary fiber. You can be much more playful by adding berries, banana into the mix. Adding on to that I use greek or soya yogurt (flavored), served with chia seeds also good cells protecting antioxidants, good fats & proteins. (benefits source coming from the website).

On to that, you can that add that little crunch of peanut butter or almond butter with some dark chocolate chips and coconut flakes. Simple and quick to make in the mornings. Hope you’ll enjoy that bowl of pure joy. Happy Sunday y’all and stay safe!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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