It’s all about accessories

Oh dear grey accessories

Good afternoon to you my dear readers. Long story short. A lot of my friends know how ridonculous I wear black & white clothes but what some others don’t know is I do enjoy  wearing grey color outfits and have a big chunk of that color clothing in my wardrobe.

Let’s admit it. Not everything is black and white in life as we say. Grey is good on suits, sweat wear, on accessories ( like represented on this picture). Weather you want to be professional or casual, it works in all aspects. I know it’s fall and people would say: « It’s freaking grey outside common wear some colors! ». But doesn’t every rule have an exception?? I think you know where I am going with this. GREY IT ALL THE WAY UP!



The striped grey & white Baker hat : Bershka (old collection from last year)

The Bagpack: Topshop (last year collection as well purchased in Paris)

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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