My favorite circa photos 2011-12


These are one of my proudest pictures taken as well. When I have a vision I have to put into action, like most photographers out there. Some people would rather take photos of architecture, animals, places, kids and so on…

My preference has always been people. Not only I feel their emotions face to face, but also throughout my own photographs. Fashion as well is what I love, so the fact that I can combined both is just magical.

The first one, is a longtime friend back in Toronto at her house as she was getting ready, had this vision to make it more retro 30’s. And it has been my favorite ever since. Always called her  »the doll »  because to me she looks like one.

The second picture is a friend of a friend, who is actually a dancer and we went to this abandoned underground place. Very street and a lot of graffitis. So I decided to have dressed a classic ballerina to bring up the contrast between her and the surroundings. The result was outstanding and original for me

Photography means the world to me when it comes to behind the camera but back from vacation, this time I am looking to be in front, to show you my own style!

Good week everyone.


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