My July – August 2019 (PART I)

A summer full of plans!

Hello guys! It’s definitely been a hot minute. So much to say in short paragraphs. Hope y’all summer is going as fantastic as mine. Don’t even know where to begin but let me start with this. Let me tell you that I have had also some downside (which happens to all of us). But in overall the good side has conquered my beautiful summer. 

Within the first two weeks of July, I jumped right ahead by taking vacation by going to Rwanda and see my dad whom I haven’t seen for 3 long years. I decided it was about time to go pay him a little visit. And what I can say about this trip was definitely interesting, worth it & adventurous. Starting off with booking my flight tickets the day before my trip. Usually the tickets comes to a price of 1300 Swiss Francs but got it for more than half a price, the downside was waiting at the airport with sketchy people in Kenya oh and getting my suitcases 2 days after with Swiss Fondue in it! Other than that, to make it short, I arrived safely and back in the arms of my dad. We have had time to catch up a lot and had several father-daughter time 🙂 He actually took that second photo portrait of mine, so I guess we do have another photographer in the family!

Also pointing out, I spend quality time with friends, as well as with my family from my mom’s side but most of all being at my mom’s grave for her 10th year anniversary…

The month of August, was the time spent with my new crew of friends here in Geneva. But that’s another story to tell on my next blog spot with many pictures on the waiting list. On that note I am going to catch up by watching Friends and sleep soon. SO ready for that new week after a good Sunday of self care.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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Wow your dad is a photographer! That’s a good photo of you. Enjoy your summer!