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Hello you guys!

I am writing you in the midst of the night, with a full sound of this beautiful rain. I have just realized that I have been fully busy with work and left this blog aside, which  pretty much breaks my heart, as Fashion highly speaks to me. Yes you read that right fashion with a capital F! I do not know where to begin by addressing this message to you. But let me tell you this, I have been through a lot of different type of thoughts whether it’s personal or professional. Oh and wanted to try this new hair color, since you guys always see me with dark brown / black hair!

Shall I say summer is slowly coming to an end? You guys know I am such kid when it comes to fall, it’s one of my favorite if not my absolute season to go to, oh I love rain ah! I enjoy the dressing part, the warm color makeup just like this photo above. The kind of « going back to school kind of vibe » where it’s like a fresh start to try new things. And not too too hot! 

2020 has definitely been a big mark for all of us with COVID-19, people looking to find a cure, Black lives matter (which has happened for centuries) and which we should still fight for & many worldwide catastrophes that keep happening around us. Gladly, in my opinion, we have social media to extend and share activism, messages and for people to be educated around the world, of what’s currently happening around us.

I will stop right here. I have this feeling that September 2020 will be a good month, looking forward it ! Much love & great weekend to you all!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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