The Boy from the city


Hello world,

I don’t know where to start.. This portrait that I took more like two months ago in Toronto has a story to it (like most photographs). This boy is one of my good friend Joey. We met while working at Zara back in Ottawa. We talked at times. And as years went by, we stayed in touch over by messages. So this summer I decided to go to Canada for a long period.

So I decided to go visit him and he showed me around town and the most touristic places but also the most vibrant night life places you could imagine. Going back to my original point. He was just walking around and sneaky as I was, I started to take photographs of my friend. As he realized that, he came closer and closer and took as many shots with my camera as I could and that was it, THIS one was the photo I was absolutely looking for.

It is definitely one of my favorite shot of all times. Couldn’t ask for a better one. I intended to post it on the blog for people to see that you never know how photos can turn out, you just gotta take as many as you can to find the ONE!

Your dearest T.

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