To be or not to be: Blogger?


So as you may have noticed we have more and more bloggers or in my case fashion bloggers. The « Baby boomers bloggers » started more in the year of 2009. A lot started back around this time such as:  Song of Style, The Blond Salad (click on the names of those fashion blogs) and many more. I started one with my best friend back in 2010, then I switched to my own more or less the same year with : thetasteofashion.blogspot.comThen back in 2014, I met someone who set up websites one day before I had to leave Canada for good. And that was the turning point of my life where I decided to get more serious and get a  ».com » website name.

Now let’s get to the serious part. Now Step one, you got to have good content to catch readers’ attention. It could be something fun, interesting, informative and so on. Stay consistent because your readers are going to ask for more. Just like a book the more you read it, the more you want to know what’s next. But people has feel that you are also passionate about what you write about!

With that comes step two, your signature writing and your input. Readers need to recognize you, through your clothing style, your headlines for your posts or/and your content. With that many bloggers out there nowadays, you need to bring the YOU.

Followed by step three, the visual parts meaning the photographs on your blog, with the evolution of higher technology, we aim for higher quality pictures. It’s fully doable nowadays even with a smart phone. Take plenty but post only a few from 3 to 8 for example. You don’t want your page to be overwhelmed either.

Comes to that step four. Get noticed, make yourself stand out. Either from your text content or more easy with your pictures.

Step five, promote. You got all the social marketing tools at your disposition whether it’s Facebook (business page), Snapchat, Twitter (where you can reach millions of people) and my favorite Instagram (for the visuals like me). With that many tools, your work and passion would be seen by those who also shares the same interests as you do.

And last step but not least, step six: ask for feedbacks. It is crucial. Here is the reason why and let me give you an example of myself. For instance I used to apologize a lot for not posting enough and one friend of mine (she knows who she is), mentioned : « Stop apologizing a lot, just start posting more to avoid this situation ». So having any good, constructive feedbacks, it helps you see things you may have not seen yourself. Now let’s get to the next topic. 


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Now about choosing the name of your blog, it has to be representative. Make a list of what you like, what represent you and so on. For instance how I choose the name of my first blog : « The Taste of Fashion« . I was and still am keen on food and fashion and using words such as « tasty articles » and such, I wanted to be more original in my writings. As for this current blog I chose « La Visionnaire« , because I am bilingual as french and english. So the word « La » is french for « the » and comes the word « Visionnaire »  that represent all my upcoming content as a photographer / fashion blogger. For me, it was totally representative of the person that I am.


Pinterest inspiration

You need to have a good office space to be productive and also one that is visually attractive that makes you even want to spend more time there, it’s psychological. I love gold rose and white mixture and saw it on Pinterest for decoration ideas.



Gadgets needed as a blogger.: A laptop, the HP printer for collage ideas board, your camera, coffee, Photoshop and Lightroom (for photo editing), your phone for any social media use or meetings, an agenda to get yourself organized and light boxes (optional for any lighting for your pictures).


As a fashion blogger especially, you need to attend events such as pop up shops. It will give you an insight of upcoming brands or clothing in different stores. But it also a way to meet other great fashion bloggers (in order to exchange ideas), stylists, photographers (for collaborations), designers (to feature their work into your blog) and the list goes on. We as fashion bloggers are usually introverts, we like to hide behind our desks but not to forget that those types of events helps you a lot with the network and social skills but also it’s a great way to showcase your blog!



And last but not least don’t forget to treat yourself, after hard work. By the time after a year or two, your schedule becomes more and more demanding. You need your coffee/ donut/ music break. Also go out for fresh air, because being behind your computer all day is bad for your brain and your eyes get tired.

With that being said, if you have any kind of questions send me an email or contact me via social media on insta: tyah04. I will try to create a comment section below soon. And don’t forget to smile!

Your dearest T.

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