What to do at home Part I

Throughout self isolation time what to do at home


Hello you guys am coming back to you with a different & unexpected topic time. The corona virus has spread world wide to a quick speed, no one would have expect it. We are to the point where social distancing is essential + mustNot only that but being more focused on hygiene – washing hands. And getting enough supplies for you and/or your family. 

I’ve been shook to see on social media all the people going all full on toilet paper but on the other hand, do some others think about the elders and family who are in need? For sure you would need supplies. Talking to my dad, he accentuate the fact of getting the basics first, like, flour, pasta, rice, toilet papers as a backup but we must also be fair towards the ones in urgent needs. In overall stack up you home, be moderate and be safe.

Being an introvert myself more lately and getting my new place is not much of a difference as I can be a hermit sometimes – so getting myself occupied in times like those, is easy. Sure am not gonna lie that stepping out the house is definitely a need for all us – our brains. The balance is definitely needed. So in the meantime here is a bunch of things you could at home:

  • *Read books*
  • *Try new recipes*
  • *Blog*
  • *Home workout*
  • *Watch movies / series
  • *Work on a new project*
  • *Learn new languages*
  • *Facetime friends & fam*
  • *Share you passion through insta live*
  • *Do things you have been putting aside*
  • *Gardening » 
  • *Pamper yourself / masks*
  • *House cleaning / spring cleaning (yes it’s spring!)
  • *Listen to podcasts*
  • *Cultivate yourselves via books or online*

And the list goes on. As mentioned earlier for me living on my own, is something quite new so it’s just the beginning and it is also a refresh button as i have more space. Now I think it’s enough about this subject. I am sharing here below some of my go to food from home (sugary, breakfast) but as of next week you will see more of my new try outs recipes / usual cookings. Need to refill my stock this week. I’ll try to add some fashion mix into my next blogpost. Hope you are all well and feel free to share your experience of your incubation time. On that note you guys have a good Sunday.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire


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