When all the other fashion bloggers found their photographer…

Coca Cola swimwear purchased last year at Forever21 (Los Angeles) + Vans at Pomp it up (shoe store in Geneva)


And so Friday came but as well June.. Just came back from my little cousin’s birthday and see more and more how family is key. But after discussing with a lot of people this week, I had different points of views of what family is to them.


What does family mean? Well here is a basic definition:

« A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not » the traditional family – Dictionary.com

In the old times and modern society, family to its definition, is still considered as a basic unit: mother, father, sisters, brothers. And then comes the bigger picture with cousins, aunts, uncles and Godfathers/mothers. But depending on everyone’s experiences, social backgrounds, mindsets and more factors; family has a whole lot of a different meaning to each and everyone of us and here’s why.

For the longest time, you guys have seen me posting a lot of photos/videos of my friends for various reasons ( I didn’t realize that until recently). Family to me and maybe some of you, in my opinion has a different meaning to me, based on my history. A friend can be more family than a sister, cousin or someone else, based on the support system that a friend can give you. You can as well be on a bad terms with your relatives and it simply doesn’t work out and comes to a result where you can get along more with a friend then « your own ». Also was respecting my privacy (my niche) from social media. I am still a traditionalist when it comes to family album and want to avoid any possible bad comments on them.

I would say this can be out of your control and your connection is based on the relationship you build. Sure thing your family will always be your root but having close friends on your side is a great balance to have in your life. That being said, I did not expect to write anything regarding that topic. As a writer/blogger you can easily get side tracked when you have so much to say. 


Back to the main subject of this post. Based from my photo. You guys may have noticed that I have been taking a lot selfies and even some of you suggested me to vlog. But honestly I wouldn’t see holding a camera in the city filming myself. Also I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers having their bf as photographers or professional one. So as of next week, new projects will be up soon! As I have FOUND not only a new friend but who also happens to share the same visions as I do. He does photography! New collabs on the way with him. 

Oh boy I had a lot to say on this post. If you have any thoughts or comments that you would like to share, feel free to leave a note down in the comment section! You birds all have a great weekend wherever you are.

-Your dearest Tyah

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