When two great minds come together


I may repeat myself by saying this but, this collaboration with my friend under the his profile on instagram: @a_level_  , his talent is shown as raw and unique. It has been fun and instructive regarding the shoot. I’ve recently read an interesting book called : How to be a Bawse from Lilly Singh who is also known as Superwoman II on Youtube (majority of you would know her). In her book she state a quote from Snoop Dog  who mentioned this:  « You need to be the dumbest person in the room ». I know this may sound a bit straightforward but because there is so many things you may know; when it’s not in your area / expertise, you need to let go of your ego and learn from the other person. 

I am saying that because during our last photoshoot session, he taught me how to pose, taught me how to shoot inside a studio with the setting (my third experience, yet so much to learn) or even how to look straight into a camera, something that was out of my comfort zone. And so it made a big difference throughout my pictures, thanks to him.

I was definitely nervous in the beginning and pretended to know it all. Especially when I am the one behind the camera teaching my models how to pose most of the times.

So to sum it all, people need to let loose and learn from others, who knows damn well in their area of expertise.

Now on to another subject line. That picture is just a start up of a combined portfolio. He is a talented artist on its own and I mean common my name is La Visionnaire. And of course by the title of this blog, dozen, million even billion of ideas are running through my mind everyday. And as photographers or even artists in general, you would like your project(s) come to life. Aren’t some of us  late owls when it comes to brainstorming?

With that being said, I think you guys know that I have been posting a lot of intros lately but not to worry I have a storage full of it, for you guys ! Up within the upcoming days. 

-Your Dearest Tyah

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Très bon article !! La rencontre de deux personnes aimant tout les deux l’art stimule la créativité!!! 😉