Chilling mode (Winter Edition)



Being cozy during the mid week feels good right on Christmas Eve! Well I am assuming some of you can, doing home office but for others that have to be at their job, well I applaud you for that. I am currently enjoying my time at home, reinforcing my skills, cooking pain perdus for instance as you can see on the picture below, doing things I have put aside for so long. December 2020 has been so far so good. 

Taking some time to slowdown feels refreshing, you feel revived. Some can do so either at the end of the week, others beginning of it, depending on your schedules. Living in Switzerland & depending of the area, for this month we did not have yet heavy winters, nor lots of snow. We are actually going through some rainy periods which is not that bad. We can still walk around without falling on slouchy wet floors ! So hope you guys had time to buy your gifts. I always hear some are last minute shoppers and others well in advance, I mean by the end of the day if you have found what you have been looking for sure why not! Also I have not purchased any Christmas tree this year for my apartment, next year who knows!

I’ve been re-organizing my closet, also given some clothes away to create more space and creating a feeling of more of a light weight state of mind. Anyway gotta get ready soon to celebrate Christmas with my fam.

From left to right (H&M – Zara)

On that note I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a good celebration with your loved ones and if you are alone at home remember you are not alone, as long as you can connect with people online via FaceTime or with any other communication tools <3 

Your dearest: La Visionnaire



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Parisian Chic or Street?

parisian look


Hello World, I cannot believe we are coming to the end of the year 2020, time flies and I feel like a lot of you guys would agree with me on this matter. Between intensified worldwide violence, Covid-19 & much more, it has definitely been special, hard, awakening for a lot of us. So let’s highly hope that 2021 will bring a bit more of positive notes. I will have to admit that with all of what’s happening, we shall be more grateful 🙂

Now on a different subject, which is what the title indicate here above, I would like showcase some Parisian looks I have taken out of my wardrobe. Some are new pieces and others old & both world can be easily mixed, simply having some creative mind when dressing up during winter. Here are some pictures with different color tones I usually go for and you will see that I am huge fan of berets! I do love a good combo of black & gold or white and gold touch / detail, as presented here below.

Was inspired by the look from the Tv show from Emily in Paris. As of the 2nd pictures all taken by me. Hope all of that give you some ideas. Enjoy your week!



Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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VEUVE CLICQUOT invited me to…

Garçon champagne in cafe louve of lausanne (switzerland) to discover a brillant photographer: nicholas simenon


Hello World,

Hope that you guys are safe despite this current worldwide pandemic. I haven’t been here in a while and lot has happened (career wise, health wise and much more but in a good way). I am directly diving in to today’s subject which is the event that was organized by PR/TICULAR, for an event by Veuve Clicquot at Café Louve in Lausanne (Switzerland). I had a great time not only for the taste of THE delicious champaign of Veuve Clicquot but also having to spend this beautiful evening with great people who share love for art as much as I do.

The honored artist, Swiss photographer is Nicholas Simenon, as well as worldwide known. From Paris to San Diego to New York, where his photos were exposed. I was definitely touched by his work as I am a huge lover, for black and white photographs and his talent speaks to a lot of us. Here you can find his website:

You can see a strong sense of symmetrical patterns, and high resolution to sharp details throughout his work, a great vision that some of us may have not seen in real life but that he was able to capture and demonstrate them to us. If you want to be updated for his upcoming work stay tuned on his website. I promise you won’t be disappointed! One of my favorite was an unknown man walking on the zebra walk under a strong dark shadow. There are tons to discover, check them out.

Here below are some snapshot of the event that happened on September 30th 2020.

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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Some « Newness »

What’s new??

Hello you guys!

I am writing you in the midst of the night, with a full sound of this beautiful rain. I have just realized that I have been fully busy with work and left this blog aside, which  pretty much breaks my heart, as Fashion highly speaks to me. Yes you read that right fashion with a capital F! I do not know where to begin by addressing this message to you. But let me tell you this, I have been through a lot of different type of thoughts whether it’s personal or professional. Oh and wanted to try this new hair color, since you guys always see me with dark brown / black hair!

Shall I say summer is slowly coming to an end? You guys know I am such kid when it comes to fall, it’s one of my favorite if not my absolute season to go to, oh I love rain ah! I enjoy the dressing part, the warm color makeup just like this photo above. The kind of « going back to school kind of vibe » where it’s like a fresh start to try new things. And not too too hot! 

2020 has definitely been a big mark for all of us with COVID-19, people looking to find a cure, Black lives matter (which has happened for centuries) and which we should still fight for & many worldwide catastrophes that keep happening around us. Gladly, in my opinion, we have social media to extend and share activism, messages and for people to be educated around the world, of what’s currently happening around us.

I will stop right here. I have this feeling that September 2020 will be a good month, looking forward it ! Much love & great weekend to you all!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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Breakfast du jour!

Going all the way crunchy & yummy

It’s a bit late to post a breakfast article on my end (European time) but it’s not too late somewhere else on this planet! Here is an example below of what I like to eat for breakfast during weekdays before my work shift. 

I always add fruits in my müsli bowl, wether it’s apples, which are good antioxidants, vitamins & dietary fiber. You can be much more playful by adding berries, banana into the mix. Adding on to that I use greek or soya yogurt (flavored), served with chia seeds also good cells protecting antioxidants, good fats & proteins. (benefits source coming from the website).

On to that, you can that add that little crunch of peanut butter or almond butter with some dark chocolate chips and coconut flakes. Simple and quick to make in the mornings. Hope you’ll enjoy that bowl of pure joy. Happy Sunday y’all and stay safe!

Your dearest: La Visionnaire

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